The personal details of iPhone owners are at risk

As we know, all applications in the Apple App Store are required to respect confidentiality. But in practice, this is not the case.
The personal details of iPhone owners are at risk
If you believe the statement of representatives of Tech Crunch, applications from carriers, airlines, travel sites, banks do not always tell the user that they record personal information.

Such a scandal erupted after the mention of the company Glassbox appeared in the case. Representatives of the company have technology that is embedded in another application and allows you to record and transmit all that the user does on the screen.
The personal details of iPhone owners are at risk
And given that the owners of gadgets are increasingly synchronizing their bank cards and data, as well as paying for purchases with plastic cards, the leakage of such data can be critical.

This can be confirmed by another scandal related to the iOS application for the airline Air Canada. Not so long ago, it turned out that the application has embedded technology from Glassbox. And this means that most of the data that was recorded from the screen of the gadget is stored on the servers of the air carrier.

But not so long ago, Air Canada was attacked by hackers who stole about 20 thousand personal data. The question is: "Is it possible to trust such applications?"

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