Facts: What is the difference between Google and Google?

There are so many things about Google that the common people know very little. These words are very rosy and fun. You will enjoy alot of life;
Facts: What is the difference between Google and Google?

Secrets of google

  1. Google's name was to keep the "GOOGOL" first, with the spelling mistake it was "GOOGLE".
  2. Google has not created Google's most popular operating system nowadays, it is bought. YouTube is also bought by Google.
  3. HTML did not come to create user interface for Google's installer. That's why her home page was kept simple
  4. The user also does not use 1% of the "I am feeling lucky" button placed on Google's home page. But he does not like the user to get out of it, so he has been kept.
  5. In 1999, Google wanted to sell itself, but the biggest company of that time, Yahoo and Excite, refused to buy it.
  6. When Google started it had 4 GB of storage! Now it has more than 1000 million GB data.
  7. In last 2013, Google was down for 5 minutes. Then the traffic of the entire internet was reduced by 40%!
  8. GMAIL 1 was launched on April 1, 2004, then everybody thought that Google was making April 
  9. Google's first search page is the most traffic, 10% of people do not even go to the second page! 
  10. Since 2010 Google Earth buys a company every week. 

This information has been received from us quora and Wikipedia! Check out more interesting information.

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