The Top 5 Quick Tips to Avoid Getting Blocked on Facebook

Do you have a facebook account? Yes of course, you have. But did you think that your facebook account should be banned if you do below things in your facebook profile/pages/groups.

Facebook is now the world's most used social plateform as of the third quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users. Facebook's CEO & Founder Mark Zuckerberg always try to connect worldwide people to one plateform. So, that facebook sometimes took action against our facebook profile for good. But if we use facebook abide by Facebook's Terms & Policy then our facebook profile won't be banned.
The Top 5 Quick Tips to Avoid Getting Blocked on Facebook
So, let's check this out the top reasons why our facebook profile get banned:

Creating Fack Account

The most common cause getting facebook account banned is creat a fack account. Fack account means your fack name or fack profile info or even a name and profile information which you are not. Facebook don't allow fack profile. Fack account will banned as soon as they seen it.

Threating Someone

Don't write on facebook status or message something that can make someone harass or threaten. Facebook always judge this thing seriously and if someone report against you that you threat them, then Facebook will take action against you.

Adding Huge Friends

Everybody who has a facebook account, try to get more likes. But for geting more likes they need more friends. So, they send huge friend request to all known & unkwon people in a single day. That's another cause of getting our facebook profile banned.

Rapidly Sharing Same Thing

Don't post on your timeline/groups/pages or even don't send to your friends same thing rapidly in a single day. That's the another reason for getting our facebook account block/banned.

So Much Promot Something

If have facebook pages or groups and you always share it on your timeline that going wrong. Promoting same pages/groups may causes spaming on facebook. And I know that facebook don't like spaming.

Sharing Adult Content

Posts or photo like adult (i.e. nudity) cause banned your facebook profile permanently. You may happy by sharing that things and your friends also like it. But Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg don't like it!

Using Fack Name

If you use a name in your facebook account which you don't use if your everyday life that also cause account get banned! For example if you named your facebook account with your pets name (i. e. ozzy) then facebook will notify you to change your name to a real name. If you don't do that then your account will get banned.

Account For Promoting Purpose Only

If you want to promote by your facebook profile/pages, that's a good idea! But if you use that account for promoting purpose only then obviously you will get banned from facebook.

Immediately Delete this 4 Things from Your Facebook Profile

How to Avoid Getting Banned from Facebook

How to Avoid Getting Banned from Facebook
Image from Google: Mark Zuckerberg
So, now that you know the most common
reasons why facebook pages/profile/groups get banned from Facebook, here are three general guidelines to always keep in mind when posting to Facebook so that your business page doesn’t get blocked.

1. Follow Facebook Guidelines

Read facebook Pages, Groups, Events Policies to make sure you follow their rule. Make sure you keep up-to-date as they are always changing their policy.

2. Don’t mislead your friends

Whether it’s on social media or other website, never ever mislead your visitors. Your profile reputation is on the line! Use clear wording to relay who you are and what you do. If your friends feel mislead, they likely will have a negative mind about you and will report against you.

3. Don’t over-promote yourself

A marketer’s job is to promote a business and the services they provide, but if you solely self-promote, your followers will surely un-follow your page. Don’t forget, your page is for your visitors, not you. Keep them interested, coming back, and sharing posts by posting information that they can find useful. Don’t be afraid to share someone’s else’s info if it will help your audience. Just make sure you state where it’s from or face being banned.

4. Don't Create Fack Account

Most of the people creat fack name, fack profile picture or even fack profile information account. I know its a crazy thing. But facebook don't allow you to creating an account that you're not. So, avoid creating fack account on facebook. This is a simple thing that if you not that person so why you creat this? So, don't creat.

5. Update your profile info

One of the thing the most people do that is they don't update their information on facebook profile. That cause when facebook profile get a violation facebook will directly banned that account. Because that facebook account haven't enough information to prove it real. So, make sure you update your real information on facebook. At least your profile pic, your hometown.

Facebook will allow you to add clips of your favorite songs to your profile


Facebook is an ideal platform to gain
followers, spread the word about your
business, interact with your audience,
and dig in deeper so you can better
understand how to talk with them and if
they have other challenges you can
capitalize on. Don’t let a simple mistake get your profile/pages page banned from Facebook. It could be more costly for you. So, the last sentence I want to write that if you think this post is helpful please share it to your friends and your facebook profile! Don't worry facebook shouldn't ban you! :)

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