The Fastest Wi-Fi Network

Scientists have discovered more than 400x faster Wi-Fi than the fastest Wi-Fi in Britain. The new wireless internet system uses infrared like light to reach device data, and it will not be too slow for more users.
The fastest Wi-Fi network
Researchers at the Eindhoven Institute of Technology in the UK have developed this super first wireless internet, with a surprising download speed of 42 GB. That is, the fastest to download 60 movies per second.

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This system is very easy and cost effective setup. Modern networking that fits with all types of wireless devices. Since each device has its own specific wavelength, so when there are more than one user on this network, the speed will not be reduced. Also this economical networking system will not be disturbed by other networks.

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In the experimental project, researchers received 42.8 gigabit speed per second within 2.5 meters distance. Researchers expect that it will be possible for all the high speed Wi-Fi in the next five years.

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