OnePlus and Oppo should include wireless charging in upcoming releases

Undoubtedly, today's smartphones are packed with features and attractions that catch the eye of several people. However, some manufacturers did not see the need to include some of these features in their handsets.
Successor to Oppo Find X could include wireless charging
For those who do not know, manufacturer Oneplus has avoided including in its smartphones the feature of "wireless charging". However, fans of the brand will be happy to know that, from 2019, the brand's main devices will come with this technology.
Successor to Oppo Find X could include wireless charging
According to what has been revealed, Oppo, which is practically "sister" of Oneplus, has partnered with the Wireless Power Consortium. Thus, it is safe to say that OnePlus 7 may include this technology when it is announced that year. In addition, the successor to Oppo Find X is also expected to include Qi wireless charging in its specifications.
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