How To Format Your Memory or SD Card in Android Phone

Did you tried to format your memory card in your android phone? But android phone haven't any default system for it! Here's I'm going to show you how to totally erase your memory card just using your android phone. This is the step by step method with screenshot that makes you learn it more easy.
How To Format Your Memory or SD Card in Android Phone
But before that you need to make sure that you back up your sd card data to another memory card or drive. If you no need to back up it then well let's see how to delete sd card through android phone easily.

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"Before formating your sd card on your android phone make sure that your applications are not installed on your external memory card. If they're installed then first moves the installed location to your internal storage otherwise you will loss your application data."

How to Format SD Card in Android Phone

Go to your android phone settings option
Scroll down and you will see "Storage" option
Click on "Storage" option
Scroll down and you will find "Erase SD Card" option
Just click on it
Then it will ask you to confirm it to "Erase SD Card"
Confirm it and it will take some seconds to totally erase it depend on your storage size
Done! :)

Here's a video tutorial will help you.

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