AMD Zen 2 Hybrid Processors Will Not Have Chiplets

During the presentation of AMD Zen 2 processors, it became known that they use a multi-chip layout - the so-called chiplets. In other words, a block of eight cores and an input/output controller are located on the substrate. The first crystal is made on 7-nanometer technology, the second - on 14-nanometer.
AMD Zen 2 Hybrid Processors Will Not Have Chiplets
And their location hints at the possibility of increasing the number of cores. By the way, the second-generation EPYC server processors can solder up to 8 modules, giving a total of up to 64 cores.

In this case, such a structure will be typical only for ordinary CPUs. In hybrid processors still plan to use a monolithic crystal. The reason is that such chips are developed mainly for laptops and compact PCs. Refusal from the chiplet will allow to keep the heat pack at a minimum and use other advantages of 7-nm transistors, such as increasing the frequency at the same temperature.

As expected, hybrid chips for computers will appear in the spring and will probably enter the 4000th Ryzen line . Versions for laptops will be released a little earlier. As for the Ryzen 3000 for the AM4 platform, according to a company representative, the TDP of Matisse products will not differ from the TDP of products of the previous family. That is, there will be both energy-efficient models with the designation “E” at 35 W, and “monsters” at 105 W with the index “X”.
Recall that its version of the chiplet showed in Intel .

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