How to set password in pen drive - Keep your files safe from others

Currently, pen drive is a great way to store data or exchange. Smartphone Pen Drive is being used due to OTG adapter. So using Pen Drive to save storage and transfer files has increased much earlier than ever.

Pen drive size is small, but it is used for many purposes. Most people keep their important and sensitive data or files in the pen drive. If these sensitive files are lost in the hands of a bad person or a pen drive, then misuse of your file or data and you may suffer huge losses.

So locking the pen drive or setting a password is very important.

Online Pen Drive has many software to set up passwords. Windows also provides the ability to set passwords in the pen drive by default. Today I will show two methods.

Set password in pen drive

How to set password in pen drive - keep your files safe from others
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Set password in pen drive without software

This feature is available through Windows Bit Lock. You do not have to use third party software for this. The procedure is quite simple, you do not have to do a lot of trouble. And I'll show the whole system through screenshot. Method: Firstly connect your pen drive to PC. Now go to Windows Explore (shortcut: Windows Key + E). Right click on the mouse on your pen drive.

Click on Turn on BitLocker and wait for some time to see the picture below. Enter the password with the mark in the box.

Click Next and save the password for the future. Click Next, then it will start encrypting. B: Bit Locker is supported only on Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise.

Set password in pen drive by software

There are many software online to give password to Pen Drive. Some of these are some free software paid. Here I give a list of free software.

Method: Download and install the first software from this link. After installing, open DiskCryptor and then click on the USB drive and click "Encrypt".
A popup window will open. Now click on Next to start encryption.

The last thing I tried was to present the most simple methods to you. With the above mentioned method, you can easily set up a password in Pen Drive. By setting a password, your pen drive will be safe. But remember the password after entering the password.
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