7 Effective Ways Programmers Find IT Projects Quickly

In the world of IT, the main weapon in searching project is a marketing. most people IT programmers can't yet find IT projects for done. So there are lots of freelancers choose to work in a software house company for meet their needs. Although not infrequently programmers are still looking for IT projects from colleagues or their team is out of work.
7 Effective Ways Programmers Find IT Projects Quickly
For you IT programmers who want to find a project without marketing talent. I can help through the article below. and I have applied it in the last 1 year and the results produce turnover tens of millions in 1 month. Let's read this article:

1. Search for projects from Student assignments

This way is my first step in learning marketing for small IT projects. With help with friends or even other campuses about IT. Usually most often is a project their IT thesis. Although the fee is minimal. However this method is a good first step build your relationships and increase hours fly you about IT projects that will you accept.
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2. Search for projects from sub-programmers

Most programmers have experience handling IT projects already find out about marketing methods in IT Projects. Well for those of you who are beginners how good you are learn from them by helping to do it their little project. You can request a project to them. Although the fee you get not as big as you want. My advice you need several times giving trust and your maximum ability in helping their project. Because they will always be use your services.
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3. Search for projects from the Freelancer web platform

Now many platforms help freelancers programmer in looking for IT projects. Even not just looking but being met by the owner who need your services as an IT developer. You can provide your BID/Offer with include portfolio, prices etc. You can too became the top best worker rank if successful finish the project well. The platform that you can use is:
a. projects.co.id
b. sribulancer.com
c. freelancer.com
d. truelancer.com

4. Search for Projects by Making Proposal To Company

This method you have to try, even though it's consuming time, effort and cost, but this method is often mine do and the results are amazing. Actually the goal to provide a proposal for a service offer instead only to look for projects. But looking for branding so that our name or company can be known by other companies.

Because according to experience. 1 day I can submit a proposal up to 20 companies routinely in 1 month. and the result is only 2-4 proposals received and generate income. Although only a little, but my intention at that time was introduce my Service It company, so that when they need to be able to contact the company.
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5. Cooperating with Competitors

This method is most effective and effective. Mostly the name of a competitor is definitely a scourge frightening entrepreneurs, especially just freelancer. Surely our prestige is inferior to big competitors and affordable prices. However don't worry, basically they too requires collaboration with programmers others, especially you. WHY???

Like this. Companies usually very often use large and many projects. However sometimes not offset by employee HR. That 60% of Software houses have employees the little one and choose to throw the project to competitor or freelancer for reasons their expenses are small and make a profit the big one.

You need to benefit from this principle, right? You must dare to offer cooperation with them. Because of them too need your energy. Especially if they are already trust you. wow you can job flood, hehe :)

6. Repeat Order From Your Client Database

Remember my principle is: not the value of a project which I aim at but client satisfaction so they will repeat orders to me. This is My principle. If you only pursue profit money, then projects from clients can only be 1 and they will look for your slain services. Because you do not prioritize good servise. Almost 50% of my clients are old clients.

Yes it can, because my company always gives good service advantages than especially, so that my client will come back provide other project offers. well this step you can imitate.
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7. Alms from the benefits of your Project

The latter does seem rather deviate yes, this last step is often on ignore them by IT freelancers. Remember always you can increase the value of profits your project.

Because I always apply this, 2-3% profit I usually give alms to the project orphan/mosque. And the results are many projects I entered the other one. So, the conclusion. point 1-6 is your way in the world with business and point 7 is the main weapon in reaching afterlife profits.

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