Immediately Delete this 4 Things from Your Facebook Profile

Nowadays, Facebook is the most used social media in the world. It makes our life easy and comfortable to connect/contact with others. It also helps us to share our status at real time. We can share our all information with others, we can make virtual friendship with others and also many more opportunity and facilities in Facebook.
Immediately Delete this 4 Things from Your Facebook Profile
But do you know that Facebook will be also harmful for you? We always feel in secure/unsafe in public place, Facebook also public place. Where we need to stay with Safety and security. So, In this article I will share you 4 things that you need to delete yes delete from your Facebook profile to secure yourself. So, let's read this out.
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Read this 4 things you need to delete immediately from your facebook account

1. Your Birthday

Your birthday is highly dangerous to share on Facebook. Think, Pan Card or Voter ID card or Aadhaar Card - Everywhere need your birthday to verify yourself. If any bad person knew your birthday then what shall happened with you! Did you think that?! They could duplicate your necessary thing and made anything bad with you. So, be careful to share your birthday information on Facebook. Facebook also have a privacy option to keep your birthday or birth year hide. So, use this and stay safe.

2. Your Check-In/Location

Facebook have a facility to share your current location with others which call "Check In". But this facility could push you in danger. If someone want to attack over you you will give them opportunity by sharing your location information. I always look that people share there location information in Facebook at real time. Even when they eating in a restaurant! So, I just say never share your location in Facebook or it will be harmful for your personal life.

3. You Residence Address

Share your residence address publicly also dangerous for you. Anyone can reach to your residence and make you harass. Sometimes it shall be harmful for your family Members. So, be careful when you share your residence address on Facebook.

4. Your workplace

Share your office address is similar to dangerous. You are spending a large part of the day in that address. How long you are staying there, to go home from your office or how much time it takes-in. That's shall acknowledged by bad guys. So, don't share your work place in your Facebook Profile.

These are the 4 dangerous things you need to delete/remove from your Facebook account to protect yourself from bad guys. After all thanks and stay safe. Please share this article to your friends.

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