How to Control your Android Phone by Voice Access App

What's up guys? In this article I will show you a most waited android tips that make you more smart with your phone. Today I'm going to write about How you can control your android phone by voice command. For example, you need to open play store, then you just say "open play store" and magically your phone will open play store. That's cool! Isn't it?
How to Control your Android Phone by Voice Access App
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You can control your android phone's all function only by voice. You can access any of apps, messenger, social media and also all the function. So, let's go to the main article of how to control android phone by voice.

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Voice Access is an accessibility service that lets you control your device with spoken commands. Voice Access can be useful for people who have difficulty using a touchscreen due to paralysis, tremor, temporary injury, or other reasons.

How to control android phone by voice

First I want to Inform you that this apps only work on online(you need mobile data connection or wifi connection), if your phone have low ram/processor/rom this may cause this app hang or not working properly. So, make sure that your phone is highly optimized and you must have the latest version of Google Play Services.

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Now, install an app name: Voice Access, search on play store or click this link to install.

When you finished Voice Access app installation process, open it and give all permission which will it ask.

Now, follow the step by step screenshot given below

Open Voice Access app
Allow permission which it requires
 Now it's all done! Click on the icon to activate Voice Access.
 Now you can open any of android function by saying the numbers you see in the screen.
 For example, I want to open Play Music which numbered 8. So, I said "8" and it automatically open Play Music.
Voice Access provides voice commands (currently English only) in three categories:
- Basics and navigation from any screen (e.g. “Go back”, “Go home”)
- Gestures to interact with elements on the current screen (e.g. “Click next”, “Scroll down”)
- Text editing and dictation (e.g. “Type hello”, “Replace coffee with tea”)

So, this is the article about How to Control your Android Phone by Voice - Step by step set up process of Voice Access Android App. Hope it's helpful for you. Please comment below your thoughts and share this article to your friends.

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