5 Proven Tips to Keep Your Phone Safe from Hackers

Think about how much time do you spend a smartphone daily? In a study said that a man spend more than 4 hours per day in their smartphones. Moreover, There are some of the personal confidential and important things in your smartphone. So its security confirmation is one of the most important issues.
5 Proven Tips to Keep Your Phone Safe from Hackers
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The bank's account, credit or debit card information etc. are there.
For this reason, one of the target of the hackers are this device. All your information will be left in their hand if they can hack it. They can disappear all the money when the bank account information matches. So, let's check 5 proven ways on how to protect you smartphone from hackers.
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Tips to Keep Smart Phone Safe from Hackers

1. Encryption

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Android operating system allows to encryption of all the information. The device takes a password while launching every time when decrypt. The work may feel annoying and time-consuming. But when the hackers will enter on your phone, you will understand that the encryption system will protect your information. This system has been in the security settings in your phone. You can get security for the app's approaching system in the Android phone. Also you can use app locker android apps to enjoy this setting.

2. Don't use unknown Wi-Fi

Don't use unkwon wifi
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Those who are concerned about the security of the technology machine work
they warn everyone. Do not use any unknown Wi-Fi. Even in public Wi-Fi there is a considerable gap in Wi-Fi system. These place are hackers easily enter the melts only use your Wi-Fi.
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3. Don't install any apps from unknown sources

Don't install app from unkwon source
From Google Play and Apple App Stores
download all apps and games. There are numerous sources to download apps. From these place, do not take any app. Because it cause to malware will enter your phone easily. And there are crackers of hackers.
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4. Use an anti-virus

Use an anti virus
If you browse websites and different files
Download, but using a good quality anti-virus will save you from many dangers. specially If Using Norton or Karpersky to spend a little money, it will be protect your mobile phone from all types of viruses.

5. Stay up-to-date

Stay up-to-date
It has come various virsion updates to the android. All of the smartphones software Install the up-to-date virsion to avoid hacker's attack. The oldest version of android operating system become weak and not safe in front of hackers attack. So my advice to keep your smartphones operating system up-to-date.

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So, above I mentioned the top 5 ways to protect smartphone from hackers attack. I use these, and it protect my device from anytype losing my data. If you know something more about how to protect mobile phone from hackers then drop comments in the comment section.
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