What Can PS4 Update 6.02 does

PS4 Update 6.02 Now, here's what it does

PS4 Update 6.02 Now, here's what it does
We hope you're ready for minor system performance improvements because Sony has released a new firmware fix for the PS4. Beyond the simple generic patch note, we do not know exactly what this update, version 6.02 does. Anyway, the update is available now.

The patch is 447.4 MB. This download is required. Sony says the update "improves system performance," but it is possible that this hotfix fixes a recent problem that has caused many PS4s to crash.

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This bug allowed malicious users to send a message containing special characters that would crash your PS4. Sony has since indicated that the problem has been corrected and advised anyone still concerned to remove the malicious message via the PSN application.

In the future, PS4 users will soon be able to change their online credentials after being blocked for many years with the same old tag. This facility will arrive in early 2019 after a beta test this year.

If you're looking for something new to play on your new non-buggy console, a sale is underway on the US PlayStation Store, or you can read some of the best games on PS4. It's a busy time though, with tons of big recent releases and another coming next week in Red Dead Redemption 2. Spider-Man, an exclusive for PS4, is also preparing to add its first downloadable content extension, with Black Cat and many costumes to win.

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