How to Remove/Delete Imo Friends of Friends Stories easily

How to Remove/Delete Imo Friends of Friends Stories easily
The Story Feature seems to be a new soecialism all among the social media and messaging apps even imo application is not exception. The imo story feature is much like Instagram story feature and it allows you to share every moment of your life with your friends.

You can take a photo, a video or type down a text and share it via imo story. Stories last only 24 hours and they will disappear after that.

But one of the features that may create troubles for you is a feature called “Friend of friends” in which stories form contacts of your contacts will be displayed. You may not even know friends of your friends but their stories will show up in your imo story feed.

If you are also one of the people who is annoyed by this feature, I will show you how you can Remove/Disable imo story feature easily.

How to share stories on imo

Before I proceed to tell you how you can disable imo story feature, let’s take a look at how you can share stories on imo. This feature allows you to take a photo or capture a video and share it with your friends on imo for a 24-hour period.

In order to share a story on imo

  • Open imo application on your mobile phone and tap on the “Add Stroy” button right on the main page.
  • Now tap on the camera button to take a photo or you can tap on theg allery icon on the bottom left corner to choose a pre-existing photo.
  • Also, if you tap and hold on the camera icon, you can capture a video.
  • When you have taken your photo, you can add different filters, texts, or add your location.
  • When you are done editing your photo, you can share your story with your friends.

Remove imo story feature

If you have the latest version of imo, you are probably bothered by all those notifications from your friend’s and friend of friend’s notifications. If it is so, you can just disable imo story feature and get rid of all those notifications. Here is how you can do that.

In order to disable imo story from your
friends or friends of friends, you first need to

  • Run the application on your phone.
  • Then tap on the gear icon next to imo story line.
  • Then you will see an option for “Ignore story from these people” and then you will need to check the box next to Friends of friends.
  • Finally, tap on “Done” and you will no longer see stories from friends of friends.

If you think that imo story feature is not for
you and you want to disable the
notifications, you will need to take these
steps to disable imo story notifications.

  1. Tap on the three line icon on the bottom left corner of the screen to enter Settings
  2. In the Story notification section, untick Friends or Friends of friends, and you will no longer receive notifications from them

For your necessary a video given below, you can Delete/Hide  Imo Stories easily By taking above these two simple steps and watch below this video, you cane asily disable imo story notifications from friends or friends of friends and you will no longer be bothered by all those notification.
I hope you found this tutorial useful.

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