FIFA 19: A quality jump thanks to the Champions League (Review)

FIFA 19: A quality jump thanks to the Champions League (Review)
EA managed to improve what was done last year.
The most anticipated time has come for fans of football video games and more for the faithful followers of EA Sports, as FIFA 19 is already available, which, within the same elements that the delivery has year after year, comes back as a game "Different" for the player.

It should be remembered that this new release includes the license of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, an element that was perhaps the only thing that was missing from a game that had absolutely everything from the previous edition and that this year has managed to improve.
Fifa 19
One of the main improvements of FIFA 19 is the gameplay, ie the feeling that the user has on the player, which is more "controllable" than in other editions. The auctions also underwent a change with respect to previous deliveries, because now it requires more precision, depending on the pace of the play to connect the ball in a good way and make the best shot possible.

Interestingly, now it will be easier to score a goal of Chilean, as long as it is at the right time, and what better to do at the Santiago Bernabéu with the anthem of the Champions League background.
And is that the Champions take a leading role in the new installment of the franchise, because from the beginning of the game they let you know that finally, the best club tournament in the world, is present. In addition, the European Cup becomes a fundamental part of the game mode The Journey, where you will again embody the character of Alex Hunter to take him to Real Madrid and win what would be the fourteenth 'Orejona' in the history of the white club.

For a couple of years now, FIFA 19 has surpassed the competition with variety in its game modes. From friendly matches and their variations as in which specific challenges have to be met; a game mode where beyond the result, players will compete to see who is truly better with the command. You can also play without rules, that is, without marking faults or infractions, practically like playing with the friends on the block.
In addition, you can also start a tournament from advanced stages, for example, play the Champions League from the quarterfinals, which will be detected by the computer which in turn will raise the level of difficulty to give complexity and more realism to the match.

The Ultimate Team could not miss, one of the most popular modalities in the history of the franchise, which has not undergone many changes but a couple of improvements in the challenges that will allow us to have new and better players; In addition, it increases the likelihood of an elite player coming out of the packages.
But undoubtedly, what takes the spotlight is 'The Journey', where not only will we again embody the skin of Alex Hunter and his adventures for European football, but also his sister Kim Hunter and his dream of playing the Cup of the World with the United States National Team; as well as Danny Williams, Alex's British friend who will also seek to win titles in European football.

Note that we can play the story of each of the characters, which at some point will intertwine and have common ground, as at the beginning when the three are in Japan doing the preseason with their respective teams.
In addition, The Journey also has the participation of "friends" that each of the characters will have, such as Kevin de Bruyne with Danny Williams, Isco with Alex Hunter or Alex Morgan with Kim; In addition, you will have to work with your "mentors", a group of players that adapt to your way of playing with which you will have to generate a greater bond to have a better performance in the field.

As for the technical; FIFA 19 is the third installment of EA Sports that works with the Frostbite 3 engine; However, here it seems that the franchise fell asleep on its laurels, as it did not show great improvements in the graphics; especially taking into account the great improvement presented by the competition.
In conclusion, FIFA 19 is a very good delivery that managed to improve, largely thanks to the arrival of the Champions League, as well as the Game Modes that remain varied and for each type of player; However, the graphic part and some of the gameplay continue to leave a bit to be desired, as they showed no progress, especially taking into account the competition.

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