Facebook presents Messenger 4 with Dark Mode

Facebook presents Messenger 4 with Dark Mode
At least one Facebook application will soon be bathed by the dark beauty that is the dark mode, that coveted color scheme where the background is black and my eyes are not so angry. Hidden in an announcement that Messenger is receiving a redesign "in the coming weeks," Facebook said its chat application will also have a dark mode "in the near future." Facebook rated its redesign Messenger 4.

At first glance, it seems that this Facebook residency will bring a welcome order to Messenger's chaotic design; that over the years has become saturated, like the main application of Facebook. In particular, Facebook is reducing all nine Messenger tabs to three; downloading parts of the application that he never bothered to use (like games) in a "Discover" tab that we can all keep ignoring.

While the redesign seems nice enough, the chat application will continue to look and function like any old chat application; what makes the update so exciting. Facebook said almost the same thing in its publication, saying: "we are not changing anything about what you have always liked about Messenger". But for fans of the dark modes and those who hate the dreaded notch, it will be good to finally release them. The application in the middle of the night and not be blinded by a bright white screen.

We contacted Facebook to get more details about when Dark Mode will arrive to Messenger; and if we hope to see it in any other place, like on Instagram or Facebook. For now, Facebook simply says "we'll be back sooner." Uh, thanks.

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