Almost half of Mexicans are unable to do this activity without their smartphone

Almost half of Mexicans are unable to do this activity without their smartphone
When phones or tablets break down, run out of battery or connections do not work well, it leads to a nightmarish scenario for certain Mexican users.

According to the research of Kaspersky Lab, connected devices are essential for the vacations of people in Mexico, since 60% depend on them to take pictures, find the way from one point to another (41%) or ask for help if necessary (32%). In fact, they depend so much on devices that 32% can not even imagine traveling somewhere without them.

Kaspersky Lab's research has found that people in Mexico need to stay connected when they travel, which means that when their devices fail or their connection is quickly lost they feel vulnerable.

It is a common phenomenon: the research found that one in six (14%) had problems traveling as a result of losing connectivity.

The stories obtained in the investigation range from people who can not find a place to stay, to missing calls in which they warned of a change of flight or ending up with food poisoning when they can not search online for information on where to eat.

An anonymous respondent even said that he got stuck in a desert when his smartphone went out. This fear situation would have been easy to handle if I had had a connection. However, when he could not use his smartphone he was in danger.

Staying stuck in a desert is an extreme example, but not having a functional connection is a concern for many Latin Americans, since most people (89%) agree that they would feel stressed if they were lost in an unknown place, and 38% of users say they would worry that something like this would happen to them.

Having a security solution that can be modified to work in different situations can give users more peace of mind and help them avoid problems when they are away from home. Kaspersky Security Cloud does just that: it adapts to each user, the environment in which it is located, how it connects and with what device. Its features include, among other functions:

  • Anti-theft: helps people avoid problems in case they steal the device or lose it in an unknown place. This feature can block and locate a lost or forgotten device, turn on the alarm of that device and even take a photo of the person who stole it.
  • Secure Connection: helps people stay safe and secure, even if they connect online in unfamiliar territory and use an unknown Wi-Fi connection. Transfers data through an encrypted channel to guarantee the security of them.
  • Energy consumption of the device: it helps to avoid that moment of infarction when one realizes that the battery is about to run out, but does not know where it is. This function lets you know when the battery is about to end and counts how many minutes are left, which gives you time to recharge it.
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