The Huawei folding phone could replace your computer

Speaking to the German news site Welt during an interview published this week, Richard Yu, president of Huawei, hinted that his company's rumored smartphone could have a feature that allows it to display its screen. And although he did not say how big the screen could be, he suggested that it would be large enough to replace the screen of a computer.
The Huawei folding phone could replace your computer
"Why do you still use a computer?" Yu asked during the interview. "Probably because the screen of the smartphone is too small for you. We will change that. It is conceivable that a screen can be deployed."

Possible release date

The media pressured Yu to respond when we could see the folding phone. And although he refused to provide a real idea, he said that we would not have to wait a year to get his hands on him.

Yu's comments come as Samsung prepares to unveil its long-awaited collapsible phone at the Samsung Developers Conference in November. Although not yet much is known about the smartphone, it is believed that the device will also have the ability to expand the size of the screen.

Some reports have linked their screen size fully displayed by about 7 inches; what would place in the same territory as the smaller tablets.

In fact, many current smartphones offer screen sizes that have traditionally invaded the territory of tablets. The recently announced Apple iPhone Xs Max, for example, comes with a huge 6.5-inch screen. That's not too far from the size of the 7.9-inch iPad Mini screen.

But apart from the folding screens, Huawei is thinking about other emerging technologies, according to Yu. He said Huawei plans to join 5G networks in its devices and will duplicate the improved artificial intelligence features. He also believes that the translation of languages ​​in real time could be a great help for the company.

Huawei plans to present its latest flagship, the Mate 20 Pro, on October 16. It is unknown if it will also be discussed on a foldable smartphone in that program.

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