Razer Phone 2: the mobile for gamers that is about to arrive

It could be said that Razer Phone kicked off the current era of gaming smartphones after its launch in 2017. Now, Razer has revealed that a successor, the Razer Phone 2 is on the way.
Razer Phone 2: the mobile for gamers that is about to arrive
Razer announced the news in a profit report (discovered by WCCFTech). He calls himself "precursor of the industry" when he launched the original Razer phone.

"Razer is now focusing his resources on the development of the second-generation Razer phone; in addition to the software releases that will accompany it; that they will extend their software and PC services to the mobile market", reads an extract from the earnings report.

It is interesting to note the intention of the company to take their PC services to mobile devices. The company has several PC services, such as its zGold wallet and rewards platform and its Razer Game Store. Both could be the main candidates for a mobile version.

What to expect from Razer Phone 2?

Razer Phone 2: the mobile for gamers
The games brand has not revealed anything else about the new smartphone, but we would expect an increase in power thanks to a Snapdragon 845 chipset. The first model still stands out thanks to its 120Hz screen, so it seems obvious that the Razer Phone 2 would also offer this screen technology.

In his review of Razer Phone, former Android Authority reviewer Joshua Vergara said the company made "hell" with the device. Joshua praised the performance and the exhibition, but considered the photographic experience "terrible". Fortunately, the new phone offers great improvements over the previous device in this department.

The smartphones of rival games could also give us a previous idea of ​​what to expect from the Razer Phone 2. The Asus ROG phone is a remarkable example, offering interesting accessories, a Snapdragon 845 faster clock chipset and ultrasonic shoulder triggers.

What would you like to see about a Razer Phone 2? I let you know your opinion.

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