PES 2019 Mobile will arrive to Android soon

PES 2019 Mobile will arrive to Android soon
Konami has announced the update of the PES 2018 game on Android to its PES 2019 Mobile version. This to coincide with the new season, the new game for consoles and computer; and also add very good gameplay improvements.

Main novelties of the PES 19 Mobile

PES 2019 Mobile will reach Android devices next December with interesting improvements in both artificial and physical intelligence, a better visual appearance and 10 new official league licenses. The main change is the use of the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, one of the most powerful in the market.

"Featured players" for a limited time

"Featured players" for a limited time
Players who have performed at a high level in the weekend matches will appear in the game as "Featured Players". Their skills will improve according to their performances in the matches, and some will even have new skills.

We have also been working with the collaborating clubs of PES 2019 Mobile, such as FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC, to create and include in the game special editions of their players. Take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to raise the quality of your workforce with great players from our collaborating clubs.

Best gaming experience

The Pro Evolution Soccer franchise has as main objective the creation of the most realistic football experience possible; putting the precise and rewarding game of PES 2019 for console in the palm of your hands.

Enjoy unprecedented mobile graphics thanks to the implementation of Unreal Engine 4. The graphic fidelity is so precise that the consistency in the level of detail during matches is assured, putting in the foreground the characteristics of each player, as new skills and styles of play, as well as new goal celebrations.

The fluidity and variety of the animations, combined with the realistic movements of the ball, create an experience that simulates real sport like never before.

New league licenses

New league licenses
We have added more than 10 new leagues with official license, including the official Russian league exclusively; in addition to the Belgian, Scottish, Danish, Swiss, Portuguese, Turkish, Argentine and Chinese leagues. We have also added the J League of Japan. The potential to create the team of your dreams is even greater.

New Legend Players

They will continue appearing in the game great football legends like Bekcham, Maradona, Cruyff, Nedved, Gullit, Maldini, Kahn. And do not miss the arrival of more players of legendary fame.

New feature "Live Update"

The new "Live Update" feature will update aspects of the players such as their current clubs and their fitness after their matches in real life. The updates will be weekly, so make your team with players in top form and bend your rivals.

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