Google Chrome is renewed: New design and features

Google Chrome has a new look, 10 years after the Google browser was launched for the first time. The new design includes rounded shapes and tabs, a palette of fresh colors and updated icons. Google is updating all of Chrome to include this new user interface. Also the alteration of the requests, menus and URL in the address bar to match the new design.

The new rounded eyelashes are perhaps the most notable change; pushing Google Chrome away from the trapezoidal tabs that have been available for years. Chrome's new tabs are designed to be easier to see at a glance; what will be useful for those who like to have too many tabs open in their browser.

Google is also modifying the operation of its omnibox (address bar). All this to show the answers to the results directly in the bar without opening a new tab. Results such as information about celebrities, sporting events and weather will automatically appear in the address bar; and you can even use the address bar to find an open tab and switch to it.
Google Chrome is renewed: New design and features

Password Manager

Google is making some changes to how the autocomplete function works in Chrome. This latest version, Chrome 69, will more accurately fill in passwords, addresses and credit card numbers on forms. It will also store this information in a Google account. Google Chrome also gets an improved password manager that will automatically generate and suggest a secure password for the sites when they register. Chrome will save this password and make it available both on the desktop and on your mobile.

The new Chrome design will be available on all PC and Mac desktop computers, and of course in the mobile versions of Chrome on iOS and Android. Chrome for iOS is getting a major revision since Google is moving the toolbar down to facilitate access to the items in the browser.

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