Google celebrates its 20th anniversary with a very special video doodle

Google celebrates its 20th anniversary with a very special video doodle
Google celebrates his birthday every year on September 27, despite the fact that Incorporated on September 4. Founded 20 years, the company is marking the occasion with Google Doodle in all the world.

This year's Google Doodle presents Letter balloons attached to a box Gift. Playing plays a video of YouTube that encourages popular searches from around the world in the last two decades Terms include Y2K, Pluto losing its status as a planet, the Wedding Real, 2012 in the Mayan calendar and toast Of avocado. It ends with a Google's international thanks.

Twenty years ago, two students from Stanford launched a new engine search. The mission was to organize the global information and make it accessible universally and useful. Although much has changed in the intervening years, that now include the search in more than 150 languages ​​and in more than 190 countries, Google is still dedicated to creating products for everybody.

A video traces the history of Google

Today's Doodle video takes a walk through the memory lane by scanning of popular searches around the world throughout the last two decades. Already whether you have searched for the state of your favorite object in orbit around the sun, what last in the biggest events of the world or how to impress on the track of dance.

Google this morning also parodied Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Places You'll Go like a tribute to all Easter eggs in search engine. This Google Doodle is already appearing for users international but the company could have another planned for US users UU; according to the Reach map.
Thank you from google video doodle gif
Meanwhile, earlier this week, the company prepared for the next 20 years of Search when announcing a series of new functions. Focusing on the incorporation of AI and other optimizations visuals, Google details the subtopics with dynamic results; while the Search will show activity cards to help users make a follow up of the previous consultations.

The search will begin to show more AMP stories; since Google Images Google Lens wins on mobile devices. The notorious homepage on the mobile is adding Google Discover; previously Google Feed, in the coming weeks. This list of news and other articles has as objective to reveal related content with the interests of a user.

One by one, all the changes that it will make Google

The Google search engine opens great changes of the hand of tools of artificial intelligence (AI); especially for your mobile version, which reflects the importance that the corporation gives to this platform. Google sources anticipated a description of how these changes are. They added that they are not yet available in all countries and are qualified in progressive

Modifications will not only be given in the product interface but also in the tools to associate the results of searches. Here, a summary of some of them:

Activity letter

When you do a search again done, you will see some letters with pages relevant that have been visited, as if outside the history of the topic that is wanted.

This allows you to follow the route already made, but the Software IA will place in one place highlighted only what the user gave Samples of having used.

The person will have control over these letters and may be eliminated if they were not useful.


As if it were a deck of decks, the activity letters can be grouped into collections according to the user's taste; in addition to those that Google can recommend.

Google Discover

The news feed, now Google Discover, will yield results based on the preferences of the person. Will be distributed by themes, which in turn can then continue, be more modern or ancient. Simultaneously show content in several languages; although in a He will do so in English and Spanish.

Video preview

Now it will not be necessary to leave the page that throws the results of the videos for to be able to visualize them; since there will be a clips preview tool featured

Stories in the search engine

Through the Accelerated Pages for Mobile phones (AMP), the Stories created from rich and famous - by the moment of sportsmen and celebrities- will offer a format richer in aspects visuals

Google Lens for image search

Another change, this time already available both for mobile phones and for computers, is the algorithm that Analyze the search result of images.

This time the artificial intelligence will deliver in the upper levels the graphic files that appear in a prominent place in the respective origin pages. It will also automatically give first those images that are newer.

On the other hand, the Google Lens AI will scan the image to find objects that may be of interest to the user. By clicking on the screen in them, you will move to a page linked to the thing marked by the software.

Dynamic organization of results

The results of a search in particular will be presented ordered by eyelashes. For example, if one asked by the word "sailboat", could be grouped by tabs of "types", "sale", "rent", "Stories" and others.

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