Google Assistant now available for Android Auto

Google Assistant now available for Android Auto
Google has just announced that Google Assistant is finally available for Android Auto. It will appear both in the application and in the admitted cars; and will be activated with the "OK Google" command.

Google Assistant will support many commands while driving. You can navigate to specific points of interest; and you can use both Google Maps and Waze, according to your preferences. The usual questions "What's on my calendar?" Or "Call John" or "remind me to organize dinner plans" are also compatible.
Google Assistant now available for Android Auto
The Google Assistant will work with follow-up questions similar to how they work on a smartphone. You can ask if a particular store is open and then ask for directions. You can also play music, listen to news, activate/deactivate Bluetooth, etc. Although the Google Assistant has a typing function on smartphones, it lacks Android Auto to keep your hands on the wheel.

Android Auto is available in more than 30 countries, but the Google Assistant feature is initially being launched in seven countries; among them Australia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

How to use Google Assistant in a compatible car

Google assistant in a compatible car
Google Assistant can be activated from the vocal control button located on the steering wheel in cars that have it; although obviously the voice command "Ok Google" will not be missing; neither the activation through the touch screen in the Android Auto menu.

Once activated its use is identical to what we can do with a smartphone or Google Home; although with some options limited by our security at the wheel. You can talk with the assistant in colloquial language, dictate instructions or consult information.

Among all the admitted characteristics, the most important one is obviously navigation, which expands its possibilities by allowing the assistant to ask points of interest at the destination, petrol stations on the route or nearby restaurants to make a stop along the way.

You can ask the assistant to read the messages and dictate answers, consult our calendar and your appointments or ask for information about the weather, the traffic on the route, etc.

It will also allow you to manage multimedia playback with your voice; You can request music lists, podcasts or radio stations on Google Play Music in a very simple way. And also, he is able to search for us while we drive and give us information about sports results or any questions.

An essential improvement for the voice control that was present in Android Auto; but that in Spain and Latin America we will not be able to try for the moment. Let's hope it does not take too long!

Google extends the compatibility of Android Auto with 500 cars

Google constantly updates Android Auto to add support for more cars. A year ago the application was compatible with 400 models of cars; Now that number has increased by one hundred. That is to say, Android Auto is already compatible with 500 cars.

When Android Auto reached compatibility with 400 cars 11 months ago, at that time Apple confirmed that CarPlay was available for more than 200 cars of brands like BMW, MINI, Toyota and Lexus, which until recently refused to add compatibility with the Google platform.

Android Auto is a platform that connects to the phone so that the user can answer calls, consult a map or listen to music with the car; trying not to lose attention to the road while driving.

Designed for safe driving

To know if your car is compatible with the platform, you can always check the official website of Android Auto. There all brands and models compatible with Android Auto are exposed; although at the moment they have not updated the list with the hundred new cars.

Android Auto is designed with a simple and intuitive interface; with controls integrated in the steering wheel. The platform automatically displays useful information organized in simple cards that appear when the user needs them.

Among the applications available on Android Auto are Spotify, Skype or Kik, among many others. To use the application you only need a car from one of the models and compatible brands, such as Kia or Fiat, and a phone with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher versions.

Google wants its users to have safe driving; so it is no surprise that Android Auto is growing so big. We will have to wait for the company to launch a version of the platform that runs on the cars and see what new models of cars will be compatible.

How to enjoy Android Auto in an "old" car

Surely in the last you have seen how many new cars already bring factory Android Auto, or Apple CarPlay. They are infotainment systems that allow us to virtually extend the screen of our mobile on LCD screens that now carry cars of all ranges.

Android Auto is no longer exclusive to modern cars, or cars with large integrated screens. Because you can enjoy it in any car, no matter how old it may be. It does not matter if you have 10, 20 or 30 years if you fulfill a simple requirement, that you have a bluetooth radio.

So you can enjoy Android Auto in your car

We can fulfill this first requirement in a simple way if we buy a car radio with bluetooth, which is the indispensable requirement for Android Auto to make sense. Well, we can find bluetooth radios at a good price in many stores, from 20 euros to 60 or 70 euros of recognized brands in Spanish stores. Once the radio is installed, you have to download in our Android Auto mobile. An app that is compatible with phones that have Android 5.0 or higher.

Android Auto

Android auto
With Android Auto we enjoy the same experience as if we had a screen integrated in the dashboard. If our mobile meets the requirements we have a screen where to show Android Auto. Finally, there is a lack of support so that we always have in sight and hand the mobile phone with Android Auto, for this we can choose a support for the air grilles.

It is a magnetic support that allows us to have the mobile in sight although our car is not prepared for it. Once we have all these elements in action, the bluetooth radio turned on and the mobile phone on the stand, we have to configure a very interesting aspect.

Android Auto starts only when we turn on the bluetooth radio, something that can happen when the car is started. To do this we must go to the settings of Android Auto and press on automatic start.

Here we select the bluetooth connection of our radio, and leave the menu. From now on every time the bluetooth radio is turned on and the mobile detects it, Android Auto will start autonomously; and we can enjoy an interface designed exclusively to drive, listening to messages on the car speakers or sending voice commands to the traditional "OK Google".

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