Galaxy Note 9: The best phablet on the market

Galaxy Note 9: The best phablet on the market
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the largest and best phone that the Korean company manufactures; and that also makes it the best global phone with a big screen. Its 6.4-inch screen is the best on the market. It wraps a beautiful metal and glass exterior. You can take advantage of the huge screen with high-end specifications; and the S Pen that is really unique in the world of smartphones. It is expensive, but it is available both unlocked and from any operator or retailer in the world.
Why should you buy samsung galaxy s9

Who should buy this phone

When you're looking for the best phablet, look no further than Samsung's Galaxy Note 9. It has a large screen. It is also a large screen with excellent colors and brightness even in direct sunlight. It also has the highest possible specifications, with 512 GB of optional internal storage if you need it. Then you will get all the nice features like wireless charging, a headphone jack, waterproofing, an SD card slot and more. It is a "more of everything" approach that works well in the market for phones with a large coverage, and makes the Note 9 a fantastic purchase.

Is it a good time to buy it?

The Galaxy Note 9 is new and will be the best phone available from Samsung until the Galaxy S10 is announced in February or March 2019. You can buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and be sure you are getting the best big screen phone available during the next months.

Reasons to buy

  1. The massive screen is the highest quality in the industry
  2. Specifications of high-end in general
  3. It has S Pen to write and draw
  4. Large pair of cameras
  5. Headphone jack and wireless charging

Reasons not to buy

  1. More expensive than the competition
  2. The glass is more fragile than the metal options
  3. Samsung's software, including Bixby, is a bit authoritarian

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the best large-screen phone

When Samsung manufactured the Galaxy S9+, we were impressed. Six months later, we got the Galaxy Note 9 that turned all the controls into 11. It's been a few years since the Note was considerably better, and in no way worse, than the last Galaxy S, but we're glad that that's the case again. You start with the basic fundamentals of the Galaxy S9+ in the processor, RAM and hardware functions; and that's an excellent place to build from: you get all the latest and best features and hardware features; such as waterproofing, wireless charging, headphone jack, stereo speakers and an SD card slot.

But then the Note 9 goes further. You get a base of 128 GB of storage, optionally with a capacity of up to 512 GB. Get an even bigger screen, now 6.4 inches, which is the brightest and most colorful you'll find on a phone today. Then, Samsung exceeded the battery up to 4000 mAh; which allows you to carry the battery effortlessly throughout the day and lasts longer than most phones that exist.

And, of course, you get the S Pen stylus. With extreme precision and precision, you can write or draw all day; and now it works wirelessly to control the phone within Bluetooth range, shoot the camera or advance in a slide show. It simply shows that the Note 9 is designed to do everything it needs; what are you looking for if you want such a large screen?

Samsung's software is not the best in the business, but it's incredibly customizable; and if you are willing to work with him, you can be an incredible tool to complement such wonderful hardware. The original Samsung Galaxy Note 9 really defined the "phablet" segment so many years ago; and now the Note 9 is a modern version that is still the best available.

Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is the absolute pinnacle of modern phablets, but it's not the only large-screen phone there is. There are solid alternatives that also have large screens but will not break the bank to almost $1000. The Galaxy S9 + is a very good alternative for a couple of hundred dollars less that simply does not have an S Pen, and the OnePlus 6 is A great option for a couple of hundred dollars less yet. Huawei also deserves a shout with the excellent P20 Pro.

Many people do not see thevalue of having a stylus on their phone, and if that sounds like you, then you should buy a Galaxy S9+ instead. You save some money and you get an excellent phone with a big beautiful screen. The rest of Samsung's basic features and principles are present in the Galaxy S9+: it's a great phone.

OnePlus pursues the Galaxy S9+ at an even lower price, starting at just $529. You do not get all the advanced features or as good as a screen; but the software and performance are exceptional. OnePlus will launch OnePlus 6T soon, replacing the 6; but it probably does not make any difference in the game change that prevents you from buying this great phone today.

The P20 Pro is an excellent large screen phone with all the features and specifications you expect in the big package. Your camera is exceptional ... but your software is not. Huawei has shown improved and improved software with its EMUI 9 update that helps alleviate some of the weak points; but it's still not up to date with what Samsung is doing.

Bottom line

For those who love big screens, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 offers everything you want (and more). It is undeniably powerful no matter what you need to achieve; and its industry-leading display is combined with the S Pen to deliver a powerful user experience like no other.

From top to bottom, the spec sheet has everything you need, and more. Actually, it offers you a headphone jack; that is not necessarily a fact even in these big phones. The cameras are really good too. You will have to pay dearly to get this complete package, almost $1000, in fact; but when money is not the deciding factor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is worth it.

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