7 Methods to connect an Android Phone to a TV

7 Methods to connect an Android Phone to a TV
Your Android screen probably does not be so big Even if you are using a phone the size of a phablet, the screen will have approximately seven inches maximum. Meanwhile, the TV on your wall is 30 inches or more big ; perfect to connect your phone Android to your TV and enjoy a better experience.

Why connect your Android phone to your TV?

One reason is to play. On the screen big, the mobile games suddenly they turn into public pastimes instead of private, you can even stop using your game console .

The possibilities here are considerable. You can make it seem like such an experience good you do not want to play games Android without your television. Connect a controller to your phone to get the best results.

Meanwhile, your collection of photos and videos can also be a material perfect to share; Meanwhile he presentation software can take advantage an HDMI link to your screen. it's possible that you want to use an HDMI connection in your TV for productivity purposes.

7 Methods to connect your Android to your TV

1. Google Chromecast

Google chromcast
Probably the most obvious method is to through the popular Google Chromecast Ultra. This is essentially a tool for transmit media, or your screen phone, directly to a television. He Chromecast has an HDMI connector and a USB power cable (most of the televisions have a USB port that provides enough energy to feed the device). Once paired with your Android phone, it is ready to use.

All you need to do is use the Cast command in the drop-down menu Quick Android settings, or you find the icon in your applications favorites For example, the mobile application Chrome has a Cast option.

2. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon fire tv stick
Another way to duplicate so Wireless your phone's screen Android is using an Amazon Fire Stick. The idea here is similar to the use of Chromecast; that is, it links the two devices and "project" the screen of start to a television. Then you could see content, applications, games and any transmission medium on your television.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the Amazon's best sellers; and one much more media center option flexible than the Google Chromecast Ultra.

3. Miracast Dongle

Miracast, a wireless HDMI system, it's built into many TVs modern Even if your TV does not have compatibility with Miracast, it's possible that your Blu-ray player or your center do it. Otherwise, you can connect a low cost Miracast dongle to the HDMI port of your TV.

To connect to a Miracast device with a phone that runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow or a newer version, open Settings> Device connection> Screen duplication and follow the steps which are detailed below. For older phones, you use Settings> Display> Cast screen, open the menu and check Enable screen Wireless.

4. From USB to HDMI

In recent years, compatibility has improved for USB to HDMI. For this, you need a converter to convert the USB connector signals (usually micro-USB, or maybe a USB connector type- C) to the HDMI cable and display the output on your TV or monitor chosen. You can buy a suitable USB to HDMI converter in Amazon.

The compatibility of the converters is different in all the smartphone. The Samsung phones and tablets work with them, just like some HTC phones and Motorola, but not others. Do not go out and buy a generic adapter. Instead, you search Google for the "HDMI USB Adapter for [Your Phone] "and see what appears. TO often, the first result will take you to a Amazon page for the piece of equipment what do you need.

There are two types available:

MHL: Means Mobile High-Definition Link and offers HD videos and surround sound from eight channels. It was funded in 2010 and currently offers the specification superMHL. The devices are available with micro-USB and USB type-C.

Slimport: It has low power requirements, which means that you can connect phone to your TV without draining the battery. Unless you play a game with big graphic requirements, of course! Fortunately, many Slimport cables They have a micro-USB port for connect your charging cable.

Keep in mind that there are other types of AV adapters available. If you do not have a HDMI TV, you can choose a cable Slimport compatible with VGA.

5. Connect your phone as a device storage

Another way to connect your Android phone to your television is like a device USB storage. While this is not good to share the screen, of all modes will allow you to see photos and videos in your TV.

Therefore, although you can not transmit videos of your favorite sports application to TV, you could still share your videos on vacation Just make sure that the USB port of your TV (or other device of media) be for public use; as some are limited for the use of engineer. The TV remote control You should also have some options multimedia control so you can find the files that you want to see in your phone.

6. Stream your network to your TV with DLNA

Various devices, from televisions and Blu-ray players up decoders and consoles, are compatible with Digital Living guidelines Network Alliance (DLNA). This means that with the correct application installed on your Android phone, you can transmit media directly to your television.

DLNA is widely used and is integrated in most devices; so you do not need any hardware additional for this. What you need, without However, it is an application like BubbleUPnP, or maybe AllConnect. As well you should consider Plex for Android.

7. HDMI connector on old phones

HDMI connector on old phones
A few years ago, several phones and Android tablets were sent with a physical port of HDMI output. These smartphones include the Sony Xperia S, the LG Optimus 2x, the LG Optimus 3D P920 (in the photo), Acer Iconia A1 and others.

If you have one of these phones more old, you need an HDMI cable special. These have a type A connector standard on one end and a connector adequate in the other. This could be Type D (micro-HDMI), Type-C (mini HDMI) or the Type-A standard.

The problem with these phones, without However, it is age. You could not enjoy of the latest versions of Android with older hardware and, by extension, the security and stability security updates.

However, if you can get one, You could install Kodi to make a center of compact media!

Go ahead, connect Android to your TV!

With the right hardware, you can enjoy of the high quality output of your phone or Android tablet on your HDTV. Either for play, look at pictures or enjoy music, the possibilities are intriguing.

You can, for example, run Plex or Kodi for Android on your phone or tablet. your portable media center ever staff (who could have had some LAN transmission possibilities) now is a complete media center, capable of show movies and TV shows in the TV of your family so that everyone can enjoy it.

With HDMI compatibility so affordable, it seems a loss to ignore this characteristic.

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