5 Best Apps to hide photos, videos and files on Android

In addition to blocking our Android with a password, we can hide certain content to make it more difficult to find.

Nobody likes to pry into their things, let alone their smartphone, since we keep everything there, from notes, contacts, addresses, photographs, reminders, videos etc.

But there are those who like to review what we have on our phone, tablet or computer, whether or not we have our permission.

The simplest solution is to block our Android, either with password, pattern or by fingerprint, depending on the model we have.

From here, we are always in time to put additional barriers to make it more difficult for curious or friends of the alien, such as saving sensitive material in external memory, in difficult to access folders or the method that we will see today, go to applications that They are used to hide photos, videos, applications and any file or document.

There is nothing infallible, but with these apps you will make it very difficult for anyone who wants to see your files and personal content.
5 Best Apps to hide photos, videos and files on Android

5 Best Apps to hide photos, videos and files on Android

File Hide Expert

We started with File Hide Expert a very simple app that serves to hide photos, videos, files and folders both in the memory of your Android device and in the SD memory card.

As an additional security measure, File Hide Expert allows you to configure a password to prevent its opening without permission. Otherwise, the app is not shown in the list of recent apps.

Keepsafe Photo Vault

Specialized in photos and videos, which is usually the most sensitive material, Keepsafe Photo Vault will help us protect our multimedia content with a password.

In particular, we can block access to photos and videos by PIN code, pattern or fingerprint, just as you unlock the phone.

As additional functions, it allows you to make a backup of images and videos (up to 5,000 items) to recover them in case of theft, and has a private way of sending photographs. Once sent, they disappear after 20 seconds.

Gallery Vault

Another app designed to hide photos and videos is Gallery Vault, which also supports documents and files.

Its method is to encrypt those hidden files in a folder, only accessible from the Gallery Vault itself by password.

As in previous cases, you can save content in the SD memory and hide the icon of the app to make it less visible.

Folder Lock

Compatible with all kinds of files and information, Folder Lock allows you to save and hide photos, videos, secure notes, applications, audios, documents etc.

To all this, Folder Lock also serves to save contact data safely, make backup in the cloud (via Dropbox) and even has a feature to share content via Wi-Fi.

For the rest, it allows blocking access by password, pattern or fingerprint and keeps track of failed access.

Hide Something

With Hide Something you can hide files, photos and videos from the application itself and through other apps from the Share menu.

The boot can be by fingerprint, pattern or PIN, has a fake mode to falsify the hidden content, allows backup in Google Drive and serves as an image viewer, also being compatible with GIF images.

In addition to integrating with other Android applications, Hide Something is easy and fast to use.

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