4 features of Snapchat that maybe you did not know

4 features of Snapchat that maybe you did not know
Despite being one of the most apps popular in the world, Snapchat has always been criticized for its confusing interface, especially when it comes to the most recent design update. There are 4 features of Snapchat that maybe you did not know. These criticisms do not only speak of the appearance, but of the confused and little intuitive that can be the interface to moment to look for some characteristic in specific.

Because of this, many users do not even know many of the features that this app offers, since many of them are practically hidden somewhere in the back of the interface.

That's why I decided to create a guide with 4 features of Snapchat that maybe not you knew, so you can take advantage of maximum this application. Without more preambles, let's begin.

1. How to send recorded GIFs with the camera your smartphone

Within Snapchat you will not find any function with "GIF" in its name, but you will find the Video Notes, which They are practically the same thing. The only one difference is that instead of looking inside of an animation catalog, this feature will allow you to use the camera your smartphone to record GIFs completely customized

The only problem is that as we mentioned earlier, it's a bit difficult to find this feature unless that you already know how to do it The first that you should do is open the conversation with the contact to which you want to send the GIF, locate the video camera icon and on instead of pressing it once, you should keep it pressed until you have recorded your GIF completely.

When you release the camera button video, the application will add the GIF to the conversation automatically.

2. How to start a video call

Most users are limited to text messages and pictures at the moment to communicate with your contacts Snapchat, but this app also offers you the option to make full video calls. The best part is that you are Video calls also allow you to use the animated lenses of the interface of the camera.

To activate this feature, you must start a conversation with the contact that you want to call and press the button on the video camera only once.

3. How to become a cartoon

The 3D feature Friendmojis is relatively recent, so many users do not know either. As their name implies, 3D Friendmojis allows you Create animated emojis from you and your friends.

In order to use this feature, you should also install the Bitmoji application, since this is the one that will allow you to create an animated version of your person. Once you and your friends have Bitmoji installed and synchronized with your Snapchat account, only they should open the camera interface in a conversation and choose the Bitmoji lens.

4. How to create a group conversation

Snapchat specializes in individual conversations that you prefer keep private, but the app also gives you offers the option to create conversations Group with your favorite contacts. For create a new group, you must add all the contacts you want to include when you are creating a new conversation. Currently, Snapchat allows you to add up to 16 contacts to the same conversation.

Group snaps only last 24 hours before self-eliminating, and all sent images can only be visualized only once.

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