10 Effective Google Search Tricks to Get Faster Your Targeted Result

10 Tricks to search Google will change the way you search
It is easy to take for granted the search for Google . But if you really think about it, You can appreciate it for what it really is: crazy magic of superhero.

Just writing some words, just one person can achieve access almost instant to all the information collected in the world. Do you want to know the capital of Moldova? (It's Chisinau.) Who played the judge bad in Ghostbusters II? (The actor of character Harris Yulin.) How long do you Does Neptune orbit around the Sun? (164.79 Earth years!) Bam, boom, WAR PRISONER!

While you have a connected phone, you have the power to know almost everything thanks to Google . There are, of course, other engines capable search; but only one service It is a widely accepted verb.

After two decades of refinement, the Google search has become a complex technology and beautifully versatile. (And one that always works. seen Google.com fall? It is not an easy achievement for the most popular website in the world).

While it is likely that you will use almost all days, there may still be many things that you do not know about the old and reliable Google search. If any once you had problems getting the results you want, here are some tips that you can follow for Improve your Google skills.

10 Effective Google Search Tricks to Get Faster Your Targeted Result

Use the search modifiers of Google

The Google search algorithm is remarkably expert in returning the information that you are looking for, even when you are not exactly sure of each other same. But for those moments in who knows exactly what you need, you can refine your search results using some basic modifiers. Here is a short list of what you should to know:

Use "|" or "O" to combine searches: you can use this modifier for when You want to get two bits of information separate, but related. Usually, Google ignores uppercase; Nevertheless, in this case, you must use an "O" with capital letter. Google will return results different for the capital city, Tennessee or Spain, which for the capital, Tennessee OR, Spain.

Exclude terms with the "NO" symbol or minus (-): Do you want to exclude certain terms of the search results? Use the logical operator NOT or the minus symbol to exclude all terms that do not you wish that is, the best applications - android to get results that omit the raids of the main applications of Android.

Use the quotes to find the order Exactly: Search "Danny Devito hair" alone will bring results that include all those words, in that order. However, a search for Danny Devito Hair (no appointments) will bring a different set of results, that have all those words; but no necessarily in the order you searched.

Use the search qualifiers of Google

The Google search also supports a variety of search qualifiers that They will help you filter your results even more. Here are some good ones to know:

Search within a single website: yes you want to get results from a single site, use the site: followed directly by The URL of the site you want to use. You must include the domain of the site; that is, the site of Google Photos suggestions: techashik.com and not the site of Google Photos suggestions: technologyashik.

Search only titles: use the intitle of search to look up words in the title of the web page. For example, grasshopper intitle: gross will only return sites on grasshoppers that have "thickness" in the Title . On the contrary, allintitle: only will return links with several words in the title, that is, allintitle: meat meat yummy.

Search URL only: similar to the function intitle: you can search only in the URL using inurl: or allinurl:.

Only search text: intext: or allintext: allows you to search only in the text of a site ; unlike the title and the URL, that the search algorithm usually have in account.

You can use these terms together with the aforementioned modifiers previously. Remember, the text that you are looking you must follow directly after the colon, without spaces among them.

Set result waiting times Google search

Set result waiting times Google search
Are you looking for only the latest news about a topic or trying to find relevant information for a framework of specific time? Use the tools of Google search on your computer and you phone to filter the results of search. After making a search, click on "Tools" or "Search tools", depending of the interface, in the upper corner right. Click on "Any time" and the drop-down menu will allow you to reduce results at hours, weeks and months; or even set a date range personalized.

Make an advanced search for Google images

You can use many of the refiners search mentioned above in the Google image searches. Without However, you can obtain searches of deeper images by clicking on the advanced search page of Google images ; that allows you to search by image size, region, type of file and even by specific colors.

Conduct a reverse image search

Conduct a reverse image search
Google supports image searches "Backward" in most of the browsers This function allows you to charge an image file and find information about that image. For example, if you went up a photo of the Eiffel Tower, Google (probably) has the ability to recognize it and give you information about Eiffel Tower. Very cool. (And it works with faces, too).

In addition, a backward search may go to the websites where the particular image, identify a work of art, or even show images that are "Visually similar".

Simply access the search for Google images and click on the icon from the little camera in the bar search. Here you can upload an image (or enter the URL of an image) that you I would like to search You can also just drag and drop the image on the image search bar. And the updated versions of browsers Chrome, Firefox and Edge will allow you Drag an image file directly to the search bar.

Do math in your chart Google search

Whether you want to discover an advice about a meal or create a complex geographical representation, Google search has it covered.

You can do basic calculations directly in the search bar. For example, at search 34 + 7 a calculator will appear below the bar with the correct answer already completed.

You can also ask Google to solve math questions in a normal language For example, look for what is 3 times 7 will indicate the calculator and the correct answer. You could also ask things like what is 20% of $67.42 and receive a response ($13.50). You can even put aside the "what is" in total.

And if you're a mathematical super nerd, you can create interactive 3D virtual objects (in the desktop browsers that support WebGL) by simply inserting a equation that uses "x" and "y" as variables free Or, if you're like me and you've forgotten long ago the geometry of your school secondary, you can simply connect different numbers together with some cos (x) s, sin (y) s, and tan (x) s and see what It represents. It is fun! By how four minutes.

Use Google Search as a converter

Use Google Search as a converter
Google will help you convert almost any thing. Try entering the basic information and press enter. For simple conversions, let's say 38 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit, Google will not only tell you one answer (100.4, in this case), but also will provide a conversion calculator interactive to perform conversions additional

After playing with this function, I discovered that Google will provide the answer for some pretty bizarre conversions; let's say 17.5 millimeters in light years (for the record, are 1,849,751- 18 light years); Y even so it will give you the interactive calculator.

Also, you can find rates of currency conversion updated with only a few keys (this function also usually generates an interactive calculator).

The good thing about this function is that not even you need to know the currency symbol official ($, €, etc.); or the ISO designator (it's say, USD for the US dollar or GBP for the British pound). The algorithm of Google is able to discern queries from Sentence style For example, a search for 38 dollars in Iceland returns the answer that (from 25 September 2018) $ 38 was equal to 4,200.14 kr√≥na from Iceland.

You must bear in mind that, when converting currency, Google has a release of responsibility that states that you can not guarantee the updated accuracy of your exchange rates. Therefore, although this function can be useful when budgeting for your next adventure abroad, maybe you should not trust it as a tool of reference for all your operations international currency.

Search related websites on Google

We all have favorite websites that you like to frequent, but sometimes the change is something good. If you are looking for ideas about where to go next, Google has it covered . Simply use the qualifier related to show the results related This can be used with any word or phrase; but it works better if used with a website. Search related: amazon.com yields results They include Walmart and Overstock. Related search: google.com shows Yahoo and Bing.

Define words in Google search

You can apply to Google search that defines unknown words (or phrases of two words) using the define: or the definition: qualifier This will ask Google to return a card with the definition, pronunciation and, when available, a detailed etymology.

Tracking packages in the search for Google

You can track (most) of the packages in your search bar. Simply paste it in the search and Google what will automatically recognize and provide a link to the tracking page.

Here's the 10 Effective Google Search Tricks to Get Faster Your Targeted Result. Hope you enjoy this. Please share this post to your friends.

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