YouTube will tell users how much time they spend watching videos

Google is concerned about the digital health of its users; specifically, in the addiction to watch YouTube videos.
YouTube will tell users how much time they spend watching videos
The giant of online videos and the second most visited site in the world, just after
Google, launched a new feature on devices with iOS and Android that will take a record of how much time each person watching clips on the platform.

The website ensures that its "goal is to provide a better understanding of the time that is spent on YouTube, so you can make informed decisions about how you want YouTube to better fit your life."

When YouTube deploys the feature to your account, the user can log into the website, go to their account menu and click on "seen time".

On this new feature, there are certain warnings, because the statistics observed in time are based on the history of reproductions.

This means that if the user's watch history in your YouTube account is turned off, the statistics will not be tracked.

Videos deleted from YouTube and videos watched while the user is in incognito mode will not be counted either.

In addition, the watch time feature will include YouTube TV watch time, but not the use of YouTube Music.

This tracking function is the latest digital wellness tool on the site, as YouTube points out; now everyone can be together on the same page.

Among these features are the management of platform notifications and the ability to set reminders through pop-up windows so you know when it's time to take a break.

Earlier this month, Facebook and Instagram implemented time management features to help users follow their use of social media on those sites.

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