Why Commenting Is Important For Your Blog - Importance of commenting on a blog

Commenting to a blog is a good habit. Those who like to write, they are all involved in some blogs. Many people also have personal blogs. But whatever type of blog you have, why not write about it in the blog, the habit of commenting in blogging is very important.
Importance of Blog Comments
Article writing for a blog is as important as post-shares, but it's important to comment on posts, but it's just as important. And that's only important for the survival of blogs, not so much. Rather, it is also very important for bloggers themselves. In this post, we will discuss this issue mainly today.

Why commenting to a blog is a good habit?

Now many people may think that blog comments do not directly affect the promotion of blogs. So why is it so important?
In fact, there are two types of blogs that have direct and indirect importance. So let's talk about it, why not comment, why it is important to comment on blog.

Impact on search engine SEO:

Yes, you might be surprised to know, blog comments have a great impact on search engine SEO. This article can be considered as a proof. The author of that article saw that many times the search keyword from the blog commentary finds search engines. So, he removes all comments from the blog for the experiment. And to understand its implications, it needs only two days. Because, just two days later, the traffic of his blog decreased by 40%.

Bloggers community:

Blog comments strengthen bloggers community too. By commenting on a blogger another person, they have developed a cordial relationship. Which keeps a blog alive. Its also important in the promotion of the blog. Therefore, comment should be made a strong community to publishing articles in a blog.

Exchange of knowledge:

The habit of commenting on blogging is very important in sharing knowledge. For example, an article about Top 5 way to increase your blog visitors. Now increasing blog visitors process is not only 5 way, there are also another way. Then the comments box, you can easily share your knowledge or give a tips you used for increase your blog visitors with the writer. There may be a mistake in the author's information. In that case, there will also be an opportunity for wrong correction through comments. Similarly, the author will also share the interesting information with you. So the habit of commenting is very important for sharing knowledge.

Making blogs interactive:

I have read a article few days ago in a blog that explains Why in the first six months 95% of people left blogging Maybe that article has already seen many people. Actually giving interesting information to comments in blogging as well as praising a writer's good writing. This enhances the good writing of the author further in the author. And that can be enough to add the author to the blog. And truth is that these things are make mutuality. If you praise one, maybe he will praise you. That will also be important for your blogging. And, the comments of bloggers in this blog will encourage the external visitors to comment. This will make the blog very interactive.

However, today's discussion about why it is important to comment on blogging as it is today. Commenting on blogging and why you have any idea about why it is important, you can share it with the comments box. And do not forget to share the post.

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