What should Bloggers must do about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?

Nowadays, all Blogger users have been shocked about the message about new regulations, name: GDPR (general data protection regulation). What is GDPR? if you still don't know about GDPR's latest rules, just click on the incoming message from Google because there is a link that points to the explanation of the GDPR regulation itself.
What should Bloggers must do about gdpr general data protection regulation

Then what should do blogger users regarding the rules of the GDPR?

For blogger users, I don't think you need to do anything about the latest regulations, because the regulation is intended for commercial sites such as flight sites, online trading sites or sites that are often visited by people from abroad. Usually sites like that require the identity of the visitors such as the identity of the name, the identity of the address, to the telephone number.

Well, once every month, the owner of the site must deposit all data related to visitors from the EU (European Union), if the site owner does not deposit visitor data, especially visitors from the European Union, the site owner or the company can be penalized.

Conclusions regarding general data protection regulation

So, for bloggers like me or you don't need to be afraid, because we have nothing to do with these rules, but for adsense publishers are obliged to provide notifications about the use of cookies.

As we already know, on the blogger dashboard there is a notification about the notification of cookies that you must install on your site. Like my site there is already a notification about the use of cookies from third parties. If you are an adsense publisher, it is mandatory to provide notifications about the use of cookies on your site.

There is not much we have to do about the GDPR because we as managers of
sites like blogger which contains tutorials or simple writings do not collect personal data and all are recorded by Google so we do not have any obligations with these regulations.

For those of you who have important information regarding the latest regulations on GDPR, and other things we have to do as a blogger user, please leave a comment so that we all really understand the latest regulations.

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