What is the origin of the Hashtag and how was it popularized on the Internet?

Eleven years ago, a label came to the Internet that initially was not clear to many (even not all agreed), but which is currently the symbol that starts campaigns and mobilizations in social networks.
The hashtag or numeral (#) on Twitter was born on August 23, 2007, when user Chris Messina proposed using a tweet to use this symbol for future labels.

The publication came to Evan Williams, one of the creators of Twitter, who did not seem comfortable with the proposal and indicated that its use would not be appropriate in the social network because it could unleash various technical problems.

However, the first use was in October 2007 when US users decided to implement the label '#sandiegofires' as a strategy to group the messages that were given around a fire that lived in California at that time.

Given the popularity with which the hashtag (#) was received, Twitter decided to incorporate the icon in its functions two years later, adding hyperlinks in the hashtags of the publications. Subsequently, they joined Instagram and Google, in 2011, and Flickr, Vine and Facebook, in 2013.

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