Understanding The Google AdSense its History and Programs

The beginning was established after Google acquired Pyra Labs in February 2003. The following month exactly on March 4, 2003, Google Chairman and CEO, Erick Schmidt, announced a targeted content advertising service called AdSense.
Understanding The Google AdSense its History and Programs
To support the adsense program, on April 23, 2003 or a month later Google acquired Applied Semantics whose technology supports AdSense services.

Google Adsense History

In History and Understanding of Google Adsense since AdSense was established, the AdSense for Content unit only supports English and several languages ​​in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia, and one Southeast Asian country, namely Thai.

But finally on February 1, 2012 Google officially announced that Indonesian is now supported to display AdSense for Content ad units, after previously only Indonesian was supported for AdSense for Search units only. Now AdSense for Content supports 36 languages ​​in the world.

On November 7, 2012 Google announced that it has updated the AdSense application for new publishers who register for AdSense through a host partner, meaning new registrants who register for AdSense through Youtube, Blogger and Hubpages.

Since then the AdSense account is divided into two types, namely a hosted AdSense account and a non hosted AdSense account. Based on official Google records, the number of AdSense publishers now reaches more than 2 million publishers worldwide.

Understanding the Google Adsense AdSense Programs

AdSense is a joint advertising program through Internet media hosted by Google. Through the AdSense advertising program, the owner of a website or blog that has registered and approved its membership is allowed to install an ad unit that forms and the material has been determined by Google on their web page.

The owner of a website or blog will get an income in the form of sharing profits from Google for each ad clicked by a site visitor, known as the pay per click (ppc) or pay per click system.

In addition to providing advertisements with pay per click systems, Google AdSense also provides AdSense for search (AdSense for Search) and referral advertisements (Referrals).

In AdSense for search, website owners can install Google search boxes on their web pages. Site owners will get revenue from Google for every search that visitors make through the search box, which continues with clicks on the ads included in the search results.

In referral advertisements, the site owner will receive revenue after clicking on the ad continuing with certain actions by the visitor that has been agreed between Google and the advertiser.

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