Understanding Blogs and Their Benefits

What is the Understanding of Blogs and the Benefits?

This time TechAshik.com will write about blogs and help you understand the world of blogs.

Blogs have been very developed now, including in Bangladesh. Even Bangladesh also has a lot of great blogger-bloggers with various fields of interest.
Understanding Blogs and Their Benefits
Now there are also many blogging platforms, sites that provide services to create blogs. Among the many platforms, there are two of the most famous ones, namely blogspot and wordpress.

Understanding Blog

Then, what is a blog? Blog is an abbreviation of web log, Definition or understanding of a blog is a site with writings in it that provide information to readers. These writings can also be commented on by the reader if the author allows it. While the blog owner is called a blogger.

There are blogs that have writings with different topics, and there are also those that only focus on one topic. It all returns to the owner in determining what topics are discussed in his blog. There are many topics that can be discussed, including internet, technology, health, education, business and many others.

Blog History

The word weblog was originally created by Jorn Barger in 1997. While the shorter term, the blog was given by Peter Merholz. Initially he gave a joke by separating the word weblog into a blog on his sidebar blog in 1999. Shortly thereafter, the term blog was used as a word.

The media that first popularized the blog was blogger.com. Previously this site was owned by Pyra Labs until 2002. Then Google took over ownership of blogger.com and provided its services free of charge to all its users. After Google took over this site, many applications were developed for the convenience of its users.

Blog Benefits

What is the use of blogs? Blog with its function as an information source also has many benefits that can be given, including:

Can pour stories experienced every day or called diaries. Used to share knowledge and ideas. Can be used as a media for business promotion or marketing a product. Form a community of bloggers. So one source of income by providing advertising.

Thus the writing this time about What is Understanding Blog and its Benefits. Hopefully useful.

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