These 7 ways hackers can hack our phones

At any moment, your phone can be hacked without your knowledge. If you know how hackers hack the phone, then you must be careful. And protect your phone from being hacked and safe.
These 7 ways hackers can hack our phones
Many people are curious to know how hackers hack smartphones. After hacking, how to they collect personal and other data from the phone. With the development of technology in reality, hacker's hacking policies have also developed.

Now hackers have such devices that they can easily hack the devices in your or my hands. In fact, hackers use some technologies that help them to listen to our phone calls-read messages, read SMS, and get access to all the information on our phone. Even they can hack our bank money transfer information.

The types of smartphones we use are actually a small computer. There are many things that can be done on a mobile-like computer like typing in Microsoft Word from start to finish email. Even with the use of Facebook, all the activities, including online transactions, we are now safe with mobile. So, when hackers can hack our mobile, then all the information can be taken including bank transactions.

If you think your phone is in your own private zone, then you're wrong. There is no device that has not been hacked so far. So, know These 7 ways that hackers when hack a phone.

How Hacker's Hack Phone

Hackers use different ways to hack phones. Some of them I'm telling you in this post, so that you can be careful, protect your phones from being hacked.

1. Bluetooth Attack

Bluetooth is a great technology for computers and mobile phones. It helps connect our headsets. It helps to sync mobile devices with other devices, even with private cars. And Bluetooth is the biggest security hole that hackers can easily hack into the mobile.

There are 3 basic types of Bluetooth Attack

1. Bluejacking
2. Bluesnarfing
3. Bluebugging

Bluejacking: Blue Jacking is one of the more harmful attacks. With which hackers send unsolicited messages from within the specific area. In most cases, with this Bluetooth hole, the attackers hack the phone by sending an electronic business card as a message carrier.

Bluesnarfing: Bluesnarfing is a more serious hacking process than Bluejacking. Because, through this, hackers get more sensitive information. Hackers usually send special software through this type of attack. And if the software can enter the phone then all the information can be sent to the attackers. The biggest problem is that if these mobile software enter to any android device then it can't accessible to users.

Bluebugging: When a phone is in Discover Mode, a hacker uses almost identical entry points like Bluesnarfing. Called Bluebugging. Although most of the phones are locked this hole, there are some phones where the hackers enter the phone with the hole in it. And in this case, most of the time hackers send electronic business cards.

2. Computer system

Hackers also hack the phone using a computer system. This method includes

  • Phishing
  • Malware Apps

Phishing: During the internet browsing of mobile phones, hackers use the phishing method to hack the phone. And in this way hacking our mobile is very easy for them. Because, the people we use on the mobile phone do not usually see the link of the browser. Even, I do not even try to see it. Anyway, there is a lot of information on our phone from which the hackers can take information through phishing methods.

Malware apps: During net browsing, hackers send malware apps to our phones, which can easily be downloaded to our phones without our knowledge. Once downloaded, this malware app can easily access our data repository and pass it to the hackers.

3. The easiest way to hacking is to seize your phone for a few minutes and steal information by installing some spy applications like Spy Phone App, Spyzie, or Spyera.

4. Public or free Wi-Fi is the unprotected Wi-Fi network. By using these networks you share all your traffic with others. This makes it easy to hack your phone easily.

5. Charging your phone through an unknown USB (even in an aircraft or car), your personal information is at risk of publication and relocation.

6. Sms Phishing- Suppose you got a message on mobile, as said that it's an example link or your picture or link to money transfer. Then if you click on the link as a curiosity and if the link is false then all the information of your mobile will be able to see by hackers.

7. Through signaling system SS7, hackers can listen and track your text messages and phone calls by telephone stations. But if you do not have a celebrity you have no reason to worry.

You just know how the hackers hack phone. Hope you like it, and you have benefited. Now your job is to be careful about them.

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