The Return of Windows 95

Microsoft has always had a complex love-hate relationship with different versions of Windows.

Forced to go evolving successive iterations, the firm has watched in horror how the heart of its users beat at a different pace and not all updated to the latest version.
The 'return' of Windows 95
The program returns as an application for the most nostalgic.

Perhaps, the most flagrant and hurtful example for those of Natya Nadella is that of Windows XP, one of the versions most adored by users, to the point that forced Microsoft to adopt drastic measures and to force its closure.

We will not say that the same thing happens with Windows 95, but in the world of technology nostalgia is a grade, and this version has returned to the delight of many.

The developer of the messaging platform Slack, Felix Rieseberg, wanted to pay a heartfelt tribute to this successful version programming A simple application that makes Windows 95 appear by surprise on our computers.

It is a development that barely occupies 129 megabytes and can be installed indiscriminately on PC and Mac, making it possible to travel back in time for a moment and forget that we are in 2018.

Rieseberg has published his open source project on Githubpara so that everyone can enjoy it completely free of charge.

And it is not a simple aesthetic dressing: the app allows you to execute native applications of the moment such as the famous Minesweeper, the notebook or the famous Paint that gave us so much satisfaction; unfortunately, Internet Explorer is present but it does not allow loading web pages.

The application that emulates this version of the platform occupies barely 200 MB of RAM, and if something does not go as it should within its humble ambitions, it is enough to restart the application so that everything will work again.

This development has been received with open arms by fans of technology in general, and even Rieseberg himself tried to go a little further by trying to run the well-known Doom game, with the surprise that it worked, although he has acknowledged that it has been "of chance" and that its operation "was a joke".

It is not the first time we see resuscitate Windows 95 and in fact, another skilled programmer managed to stuff it into the tiny screen of the Apple Watch, and we suspect that we will see more surprise appearances of previous versions of Windows on different computers.

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