Technology of Google Classroom made Education System Fully Digital

At August 12, 2014 an app called Google Class Room was launched to bring the education system to full digital system.

Although initially made for desktop, the app has been adapted for mobile use at this time. Google Classroom app was release(s) for iOS at March 6, 2018 and for Android at March 8, 2018. Plus there are some more important things that have been added to the app. As a result, all the work related to education between teachers and students will be done very easily.
Technology of Google Classroom made Education System Fully Digital
It is a great introduction to the teacher's communication system with the student's saying that the people of the technology sector.

Through the classroom, student's can send their assignment's easily to teacher's. On the other hand, teacher's will also be able to respond to the work of the student's starting from the work of the student's. This will reduce the use of time.

Apart from this, the app will be able to stop the use of paper to speed the daily activities of teacher's and student's.

Most recently Google announced the launch of this Google Classroom mobile app. It is reported that the app is designed to reduce the distraction of the students home work, teachers interaction, response at the moment, and easy access to necessary information.

The new app will support Google's other services such as drive work and other apps content.

The app is currently open for Android and iOS platforms. IPhone and Android users have to download it from Google Play Store and App Store.

It has been said in the report that students will be able to attach files to various formats and add photos to their assignments with mobile built-in camera. Besides, drawing for art classes, family tree for social education, and diagrams for science research and its results.

In a blog post, software engineer George Lugo of Google's Education Classroom Team mentions that since the release of the app, more than 55 million assignments have been sent.

Google recently released the number of apps by Google According to the data, more than 70 million students, teachers and administrators use it. Google also working with apps to make education easier.

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