5 Amazing Tips for Responding to Bad Comments in Blog Posts

All bloggers must have experienced bad written in comments made by visitor or visitors. This often makes the hearts of bloggers offended. In this case we as bloggers and wordpress users must be smart in addressing this. Replying to a bad sentence will not solve this problem. Where as in reply with a good sentence, it further prolongs the conversation. Many factors cause visitors to shower the bad blasphemy written in the comments. Then what are the factors causing this. Let's discuss this problem together.
5 Amazing Tips for Responding to Bad Comments in Blog Posts

1. Intentional action by visitor or visitors

Sometimes visitor or visitors do this intentionally to provide bad images on your blog or site. Errors contained in the posts or articles that you made the case by the visitors to make blasphemy that led to the damage to your site's good name. For this reason you should be a blogger or wordpress user not to respond to blasphemy like this, and it would be better if you delete a bad comment, let alone the comment has nothing to do with what you write in your blog post.

2. The visitor does not understand what you wrote in the post

This is a little different from what I have written above. The visitors tend to prefer to comment and ask you directly in the posting, even though what you have written you have made as clearly as possible so that it is easily understood by your visitors. Even though the visitor asks with a very rude sentence you should still answer the comment with a very clear explanation so that the visitor knows the mistake he made. This is often done by visitors who are lazy to read. Because not all visitors like to read.

3. Actions of ignorant visitors

These types of visitors often make jokes in comments, because to the content it makes your blog look unprofessional. For this, sometimes it is very difficult to overcome, especially if you don't put anti-SPAM comments on your blog comments. Use anti-SPAM in your blog comments, or you manually set all comments, in other words you only approve the comments you want. If you need to block the IP address of the visitor and the text that is often written by the visitor.

4. Lay computer users

So many of us are new to technology, especially in the world of computer technology. Especially posts that you write about tutorials about computer technology. No wonder so many visitors repeatedly write strange comments in the posts that you make. This is nothing but not because of the lack of insight possessed by the visitor. You as a writer are very obliged to clearly direct visitors like this, if you need to serve visitors like this until the visitor really understands the writing you are making.

5. Hackers

Many ways are done by hackers, it is possible that the hacker intentionally SPAMING in your blog comments. This is done by novice hackers to enter your site. In a case like this you better discuss it in a forum that discusses hackers and how actions are often carried out by hackers to absorb sites that are targeted. And the steps you need to do about this you should use a plugin that works to block
suspicious IPs. Plugins like this can only be used by wordpress.org users. But do not worry for you blogger users, because bloggers are very difficult to hack, you only need to strengthen your e-mail address, if necessary use the two-step feature on your gmail blogger.

There isn't much I can say. This is a routine that often occurs in comments on blogs or sites. Hopefully what I have written provides new knowledge for all of you.

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