Optimize Blog Posts Images for Better SEO

When a search engine begins to index a website, they will not only find web content. Web crawlers of search engines, especially Google, Yahoo and Bing, browse the contents of the blog as well as check out the structural aspects of the blog, even where the blog is located so that they can present all the contents of your site to the reader. Such as backlinks, tags, even photos.
Optimize Blog Posts Images for Better SEO
Optimize Blog Posts Image is a significant part of a blog, especially in the case of posts. Using images in the blog post, readers can get a good idea about any topic. If you don't use images then the visitors can not get a good idea about your article. Search engines bring all the images on your blog to the search engines separately.

Usually you have seen that there is a tab named Image in Google Search's search result. Click there to get many images of the desired topics. If you choose to engage in the blog search engine of the blog, then you have the possibility of getting many visitors from that image.
Google Search Image Tab

Adding Alt Tags & File Names to the Image

Visitors like Screen Shoot, but the website does not like it. Because the search engine can not read the image while crawling the site, meaning that the image does not understand what you mean, unless you optimize the image properly. To troubleshoot this problem, you can optimize images by using Alt Tags & File Names.

For example:
You are writing an article about your pet cat 'mimi'. Then you must upload a picture of this cat. The search engine will not be able to understand that this is the picture of your pet cat 'mimi'. After uploading the image for this, you will enter the alt tag in the image that it is your picture cat 'mimi' pictures.

How to do: After uploading the image click on it and you will see the properties named Properties. Click here to see a box called Alt text, and write down your desired topic there. See the picture below
Image property

Image title and alt text

Adding caption to the photo

If you want to optimize blog post images, you can add caption to the photo. As a result, both readers and search engines will understand what you mean by this image. However, most bloggers do not like to add it. It is good to add, but it does not have any problems. See the following figure on how to add a caption.
Adding caption on image

Image Size Optimize

You can try to keep the image size as small as possible (MB). Because the big size picture is the problem to crawl search engines. Moreover, the size of the image size will be as fast as your blog will load. For this, you can optimize image sizevwith Photoshop. Always try to upload clear pictures of small size and glance.


If you optimize image by the above three things correctly, then you can easily find and read those search engines of your blog. Specifically Alt tags must be used in all your blog posts. I can say for sure that all of your photos will be on the Google tab in the image tab. So you can understand that Google's visit means that the visitor has increased.

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