Iphone or Android: a study revealed that the brand of the cell influences to get a partner

A survey conducted by the company Decluttr ensures that 70% of singles prefer to go out with someone who has an iPhone instead of an Android. In addition, two out of five people believe that the telephone can play a key role in the first impressions that are held about a person.
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According to La Vanguardia from Spain, 65% of iPhone users would be willing to have a first date with someone who has an Android. However, only 53% of Android users would agree to have an appointment with someone who used iPhone.

"I think Android are weird, the iPhone is just better," was one of the comments received in the survey. In turn, iPhone users are more likely to end a relationship through a message or use the phone in the middle of the appointment if it does not convince them, the survey indicates.

In addition, the Spanish portal includes a contribution from the British newspaper The Independent, which indicates that one in three men surveyed believe that a broken screen would be frowned upon on a first date because it would imply neglect or lack of concern about personal care. On the other hand, women do not seem to pay much attention to the state of the screen but to an old telephone model, because it would be "unpleasant" or "unfriendly".

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