How to Become a Gaming Youtuber for Beginners

The more days more people want to become youtubers, whether it's about video games, video vlogs and so on. But all of that does not merely create a video and then publish it just like that, all of this needs careful preparation, so that whatever is our goal will produce a real success for ourselves.
How to Become a Gaming Youtuber for Beginners
The following are facilities and infrastructure for those of you who want to become a successful gaming youtubers.

How to Become a Gaming Youtuber for a Beginner

Here I will explain to all my friends how to become a youtuber game for beginners, and I will explain it to what equipment is needed by a gaming youtuber, such as software preparation and others.

The first one you have to have the tools to play the game, even though you don't have a PS4 as a mandatory means, you can use a PC to play games, even though it has many problems using a PC for gaming, but you can still do this, even though it's a little more difficult and must be super update.

Why are there so many problems when you play games on a PC to become youtuber gaming!! Of course, there will be a lot of falsehoods, starting from hardware equipment, software etc. , because as a gaming youtuber there is no reason not to play games recommended by nutmeg subscribers because your computer specifications are not strong or low.

Preparation of Tools To Become Youtuber Gaming.

Then what tools should you have to become a gaming yotuber, let's see the following article.

1. Computers | PC

Previously I explained that you must have high computer specifications, PC is a multi-function tool, besides you can play games, you can also do video editing, video game recording etc. You also need
to do video editing that you recorded while playing a game. Make sure you have found the right software for video editing and video game recording.

So the main point is high computer specifications, because to edit a video also computer specifications must support to do it all, because when you do that all your PC load is very large, your PC must run 3 main points

  1. Play games
  2. Record videos game
  3. Record your voice

And this will be done simultaneously.

2. Software for recording video games

There are so many recorder software that you can get out there from the free version to the paid version. And you must know which recording software will take your tasks to become a gaming
youtuber. I would recommend to you what recording software has the best recording quality.

You can use Mirillis Action, and Bandicam software, you can get these software by downloading or buying them with the premium version. The quality produced by these 2 software is very good
for the desktop recorder software category.

But if you have quite a lot of funds, I suggest to buy the hardware version, because the results are very good for recording activities on a desktop computer is to use hardware specifically for video recording, you can get it at a price range of 1 million even more expensive. And the quality is far more guaranteed than you use the software version. This can also reduce the burden on your PC, so that it will expedite the game you are playing.

3. Audio Recorder Software

Very much software for Audio recorders ranging from the free version to the paid version. And I recommend recording all recording activities separately, video for video, and audio for audio. This is intended to provide a good result of the recording that you run. And gives a neat and orderly impression for yourself, so you will be easier to store all the video editing material files separately.
Which you will later make in 1 video gameplay.

4. Video Editing Software

There are many that you can find out there for the video editing software category, from the free
version to the paid version. And you also have to find which software is suitable for you to use, including

  • Corel Video Studio
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Camtasia Studio
  • Adobe After Effect
  • Cyberlink
  • Powerdirector
and many more like products from Sony, Sony Vegas Pro, Magix Vegas Pro.

And what I recommend is Adobe Premiere Pro and Cyberlink Powerdirector, both of these software have very complete features to meet your needs as a video editor, both for beginners and professionals. But all of that goes back to each of you, which software is suitable for you to use, and certainly does not make you confused with the tools contained in the video editing software.

5. Microphone | Speaker

You should use a microphone that has good quality, because this will affect your audio sound when talking about the situation in the game. You can get it by buying at a price of around 1 million, even more expensive.

And do not record your voice together with recording your video game, you should record your voice with a separate method, record video for video and record sound for sound. This is intended for good recording quality, and you will also be easy to edit it, so you can edit all the recording files according to your needs. Audio quality is very important to note.

6. Camera

The camera that you use must have good quality, this is intended to show your seriousness as a gaming youtuber, besides being able to ease the burden on your PC, of ​​course this will make it easier for you to edit your face video, because all video editing equipment files are recorded separately . Besides being easy to edit it you also will not be confused when you want to put it together into 1 video, because all files are separate and neat.

7. PS4 | Playstation 4

If you have successfully become a gaming youtuber and already have enough income, you should buy a PS4, because there are some games that are not released for the PC version, and you can also directly play Demo games directly and for free. Besides using the PS4 it will be very good in the eyes of the audience, it will look very professional when you play games directly on the PS4.


So that is a tool that you must have to become a gaming youtuber, and the average gaming youtuber in United States is still standard, the basic is just playing games, but the quality of video and audio is not very noticed, so the impression is just monotonous, no basic script if it's video and audio, just rely on talking and laughter.

This is good news for you as a beginner gaming youtuber, if you have video and audio skills, don't be afraid of losing competition in the modern era. If you are smart then you are the winner.

If you have succeeded in becoming a successful gaming youtuber don't forget to multiply alms. Hey, so, thank you. And please share this post to your friends.

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