Gboard creates stickers of our face using selfies and artificial intelligence

The stickers "Mini" of Gboard are much more similar to us thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. (Google)
A "mini" version of us much more successful than the Bitmojis.

Google has long allowed us to use custom avatars to share stickers from the Gboard keyboard, but the company has gone a step further to create more personalized stickers.

With Bitmoji we could choose between several features to configure an avatar that resembled us, but despite the many options, it was not entirely accurate and sometimes could even be something impersonal.

Now, Google wants to refine the resemblance between us and our avatar and to do this it puts into practice the use of artificial intelligence. How? Through facial recognition.

Within Gboard, in the option of the stickers, we will find a new icon, but patience because it has not yet reached all the users.

Once we open it, it will ask us to take a selfie, in order to collect all the possible data about our face: hair color, skin, eyes, size of mouth, nose, and so on.

Once the process is finished we will have a plethora of stickers to use when we want, with multiple moods and scenes, just like with Bitmoji but much more similar to us.

Google originally launched this feature last year as "selfie stickers" in its Allo application but now it seems to have sought to make it profitable in a much more widespread use tool like its keyboard.

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