Easy Quality Article Writing Tips

Have you ever felt that writing an article was very difficult especially when we were lazy to write articles. As for tips for those of you who have experienced this, this is how to write articles more easily and anyone can write articles easily with quality.

To begin with, there are a number of steps that you must know, because if you don't know it, it will never or impossible to appear on the search page or what is often called the search engine, especially if you don't like the reader.
Easy Quality Article Writing Tips
To make an article you need experience and also the reason why you write the article. The following are tips for writing articles that are both easy and quality, let alone be liked by readers.

1. Determine Keywords First To Make An Article

Friends must think or imaginebwhen you will create an article or keyword in your post. In that case you can make keywords that are most easily understood and often searched by others on search engines.

For example, you will make an article about
How to make a blog
If you have made the title, you can make the keyword
How to create a blog

In an earlier article.
We can think of the keywords what we want. For example "Cake Cup Cake" We can also add it because the habit of people will look for how to make cake cup cake, then you can add the keyword is: "How to Make Cup Cake" not infrequently most people will just look for cup cake.

2. Predict Keyword Competition You Will Use

And after you determine keyword or keywords, you must predict competitors or often also called your rivals. If you determine keywords, you can choose the lowest or easiest competitor. In that case you can browse to find the lowest keywords.

The next step you must know how to make keywords that are often searched by others. So you can compete with other people if you use the same keywords, but if you use the same keywords and all the contents of the same article you will likely be exposed to copyspace, and will be considered not creative in making articles by readers or search engines .

3. Write Your Keyword or Keywords on Title, Permalink and Content

If you have determined the keyword in an article, the last part is that the friend must know the keyword in writing an article. In this case you can place keywords in strategic places for example at the beginning of the title, in the middle of the title or behind the title. But it will be better at the beginning of the title.

Next in writing articles you have to think creatively and imagine to become a quality article. Especially if the content or article is pure one hundred percent of your thoughts. Of course everyone will look for an article that is quality, useful and unique.

That Tips to Write Articles Easily and Stay Quality, so many articles on this day hopefully useful.

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