Definition of Alexa Rank and its benefits

The internet world is now very developed. It has even entered remote places.

With very easy access, there are also many people who start making blogs and websites. Then, fill it with writings.

Then how to determine the success and development of a blog or website that you have?
Definition of Alexa Rank and its benefits
Many parameters can be used to measure the quality of a web. One of them is Alexa rank, which will be discussed in this article.

Definition of Alexa Rank

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is a ranking that describes the popularity of a site based on web traffic calculations.

This rank varies for all websites, there is no one at the same time.

Then how to know the Alexa rank of a site?

Apart from widgets on the website (if any), alexa rank can also be seen through the tools or widgets on the web browser toolbar. Of course this tool must be downloaded first according to the browser used.

The website that has alexa rank 1 is the highest ranked website. This means that the smaller the number, the higher the Alexa rank.

For now, the highest Alexa rank is Whereas if your website or blog is newly created, Alexa does not rank.

History of Alexa

Alexa has a company called Alexa Internet, Inc. with the site

The company was founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat. The name Alexa itself was taken from a library named Alexandria.

In 1999 Alexa was acquired by

Alexa then collaborated with Google in early 2002 and with the DMOZ directory in January 2003.

Benefits of Alexa

There are several benefits that will be obtained by having a high Alexa rating, including:

1. Website looks professional

A website with a high Alexa rank will be seen by people. This can show the progress of a site and describe the large number of visitors.

2. Meet the requirements of several sites

Alexa rank can also be a requirement for some sites, such as PPC sites (Pay per Click).

3. Attract the interest of advertisers

A high Alexa rating will also increase readers' trust.

A very high Alexa rank on a website shows the amount of traffic or visitors that are very large. In this way, of course there will also be many who want to advertise on the website to get a lot of visitors too.

When is Alexa Rank Calculated?

Alexa calculates the ranking of the website every day. Alexa calculates based on the number of visitors and pageviews of a website. What is seen is the average in the last 3 months.

The site with the highest combination between the two things in the last three months got the first rank.

Just this article about the definition of alexa rank and its benefits. Next, what you need to know is how to increase the Alexa ranking.

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