Amazing 7 YouTube Video Keyboard Shortcuts Keys You should know

Know some YouTube video shortcuts and make videos more enjoyable on YouTube. Like many others, you may also watch a lots of videos in YouTube. There is a lot of videos from Street Jokes to Space Science starting on YouTube. There are also many unknown information about YouTube. All of them are useful to you and do not think, watching these videos will help you find these shortcuts.
Amazing 7 YouTube Video Keyboard Shortcuts Keys You should know

Amazing 7 YouTube Video Keyboard Shortcuts Keys You should know

1. Temporary Pause a Video

Watching an important video with great care. But in the meantime someone called or I remembered something very urgent. So, for a while, trying to keep the video paused. Just press the "K" from the keyboard. The video will be paused. The video will be restarted when it comes back and presses "K", right from where it was seen. Note that you can also do the task of pausing the video by pressing the space bar from the keyboard.

2. Watch the same video repeatedly

Having stopped listening to the newly released songs of the favorite artist. Songs, tunes, and music have a great combination of songs that are so good that the mind wants to listen repeatedly. But after the end of the song, another song is going on and you have to open the eyes again and again, the song is about to leave again. What is the need to do so much trouble? Right click on the video. In the different options, there is an option named "Loop", just click on it. After that the video or your favorite song will end again and again.

3. Find all the songs of the same artist together

If you have a favorite artist and you want to find all his songs or music videos together, then search the name of the artist with the "#". Eg: #James or #Habib You will see all the songs of the favorite artist will be brought in front of you YouTube.

4. Rewind the video

Understanding what informative video Or watching a tutorial that needs to be re-winded sometimes to understand that it is going backwards. If you are annoyed to rewind the mouse repeatedly, press Just "J" from the keyboard. Every time you press "J", you can see the video again 10 seconds ago.

5. Forward the video

Again, if you are watching a video which you do not need any part of. Just want to see the parts you want to drag, then press the "L" key from the keyboard. Each time you press "L", it will be forwarded for 10 seconds.

6. Mute the sound

Watching a video whose background sound looks very annoying. Or you see no adult video whose sound is heard by someone else, you are not asking for it. However, to mute sound in shortcut press "M", so that the sound will be closed. If you want to hear the sound again press "M" again.

7. Watch videos in full screen

If you want to see a whole video of your mobile or computer across the screen, press "F" from the keyboard, it will be full screen.

So, that's it today. Here I write 7 youtube video keyboard shortcut keys which I have know. If you know more something so, drop comment in the comment section.

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