Google Adsense ads rarely appear

At the end of 2017 to now, beautiful ads from Google Adsense ads rarely appear on blogs, especially in blog posts. I don't know what the cause is I don't know because I myself experienced it and it made my income dropped dramatically. Maybe friends all experience the same thing, almost every posting of the beautiful ads of Google Adsense does not appear.
Google Adsense ads rarely appear
I have done various ways so that adsense ads appear throughout the posts ranging from creating a new ad unit, editing all posts that have been made and changing the sentence that has been written because I feel worried there are bad sentences that cause adsense ads not to appear or blank and do various other good ways.

However, this still has not overcome this problem. Had to look for information to various blogs that were discussing this issue related to adsense ads that rarely appear or blank but most of the bloggers did not know what the exact cause. Some say that maybe the advertising stock from Google is very little, some say adsense ads will not appear in the posts just created. All of that makes us even more dizzy to think about it. As for the other way that I did to make sure whether the ads on the blog really did not appear.

Check using another web browser

Because I am also very curious about ads that do not appear then I check using another web browser. And the result is that the ad will still appear even though there are some blank or not appearing ad slots.

Check with a different computer

It turns out that the results are the same as the ads appearing as they should, even though there are still blank ad slots or do not appear as before but it can be ascertained that the ad that does not appear is not our fault. Basically the ads displayed are aimed at the visitors who come to our blog. So please be advised if you see a blank ad slot on your blog.

My advice for those of you who experience things like this should not be too much thought, keep thinking positive. Because at this time all bloggers are experiencing the same thing including myself. It would be nice if we stay consistent to make good content, don't let things like this make our spirits dim, God willing, everything will work well and ads from Google Adsense will return to performing beautifully. So don't think about this as a problem, so keep on writing.

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