5 tools to add new features to Gmail

Gmail's hegemony is undoubtedly the leader in e-mail platforms for a long time, so Google's service has become a kind of norm in terms of emails, taking into account that it is the most popular as well as free and very powerful in terms of functionalities. However, these factors do not imply that Gmail has its limitations, some that have been addressed and solved over time and others that were forgotten and join new needs. In this sense, many users with knowledge of the subject decided not to sit idly by and dedicated themselves to creating the solution by their own hands to give them greater options and correct certain inconveniences in their favorite email platform.
So today we are going to show you a series of options that you can obtain very easily and that will give you the possibility of adding functions that cover very interesting needs and correct some setbacks generated by Gmail.

Email Studio for Gmail

Email studio for GMail
Creation of a giant of the scripts of Google: Amit Agarwal, takes many years in
the development of extensions and functionalities for its services. In that sense Email Studio is a complete package with 7 of its best developments that provide new benefits to Gmail within which we can find: the mass mailing of emails that also look as if they were personal hiding the rest of the senders, schedule shipments, make backups by forwarding all the information from one account to another, configure the scheduled deletion of emails according to certain time criteria and the possibility of sending an email to unsubscribe from unwanted email lists.

In general, this extension compatible with any browser and also available for Android is an excellent package to boost the use of your email via the web. You can download the extension for your browser from this link or the Android app from here.

Murmure For Gmail

Murmure for GMail
We have all used the option "CCO" or Hidden Carbon Copy, that field in which you place a recipient that will not appear in the list to which the email was originally copied. So if we wanted to send a mass email with a hidden copy, but also add additional information to that sender we hide we should send the bulk email and then send another one with our observations.

Murmure For Gmail arrives to automate this work, so that it is possible to send a bulk email with a hidden copy and add an additional message to that recipient in the same email, Murmure will organize the information sending the bulk email and sending the additional note as another mail to the address in question.

This software is an extension for Chrome and you can install it quickly from here.

Gmail Audio Alerts

GMail audio alerts
Although Google has designed an alert system, the truth is that many users have opted to disable or block it. However with this extension of Chrome and also available in Opera you can configure quite nice alerts that will end up being very useful in contrast to the native ones of Google.

To obtain it just follow this link.

Inbox When Ready

Inbox when ready
Maybe you have not noticed the time you spend to check your inbox and chances can be very, very lowering our productivity at work. Many times we keep updating Gmail to verify the entry of new emails, losing focus on other tasks and for that, Inbox When Ready arrives.

It is an extension for Chrome that basically gives you a button to hide or show your inbox, so you will not have to enter so often to update it from Gmail. On the other hand, the extension, besides hiding, blocks the tray so you can keep focused on your tasks.

You can get it by following this link.

Neat Messages for Gmail

Neat messages for GMail
When you open any email, the Gmail design extends the text lines to the width of the window, which is not very comfortable to read, so this extension of Chrome solves that problem by editing the window so you can have between 10 and 12 words per line that can be read quickly improving the fluency of this experience.

To obtain it just click on this link.

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