15 Unknown Secret Information about YouTube

After knowing many of YouTube's unknown information, your idea about YouTube will be clearer. It is true that you do not need to know more about YouTube for watching videos on YouTube. No need to know unknown information But if you know, there is no harm without profit. Many people have the curiosity to know about people, especially on different technological platforms. If you are one of those who are interested in learning, this article is for you.
15 Unknown Secret Information about YouTube
Although there are many video sharing websites, we still watch videos every day on YouTube. Some people are busy with YouTube all day, because now all types of video are available on YouTube. From education to movie or movie to music everything is now available here. There are many fun facts in YouTube's long road trip, there are many record-building history. Today, I'll share you some secret information about YouTube which you didn't know.

Secret Information of YouTube

There are many contributions to the creation of the videos we watch on YouTube. And many of these people by making YouTube videos are now millionaires, millions of dollars worth of income from YouTube, and also have unknown information about them. Youtube has been so popular that day now there are many celebrities coming from YouTube. But this is not the case since 10 years ago that YouTube did not know anything about this long time.

Creators of YouTube

Now we all know that YouTube is a video sharing and social network. But did you know who made YouTube and was a Bangladeshi with them?

Now that YouTube is watching, the main mastermind was Harley, Steve Chen and Jawad Karim, a Bangladeshi national. They made YouTube in 2005. All of them were then PayPal's official. You can find out more about Jawad Karim, a Bangladeshi born German citizen, who has made significant contributions to the establishment of YouTube.

YouTube debut at the dinner party

Everyone at Steve Chan's dinner party in San Francisco, had a lot of fun on that day. But the problem started when they got in trouble with sharing their captured video via email. Video sharing on mobile was not easy at all. But other friends have to show, what can be done!

Thinking of one's mind comes the idea of ​​creating a video sharing site. To share with others, everyone gives positive feedback. The idea is that work, the three friends who openly talk about YouTube in today's world.

The cost of YouTube was carry by bonus charges

Did you know that YouTube's billions of dollars in today's time were not such a thing. Youtube's founder members ran YouTube with the bonus that they received from their monthly salary.

The real purpose of YouTube

Early on YouTube there was a lot like dating site. Where everyone uploaded the video of their dating.

Another name of YouTube is Utubeonline

In 2005, on the day of Valentine's Day, this domain is called YouTube.com. But later they changed the name to Utubeonline. As a result, on the one hand, such customers are confused with the same, they themselves also get confused in this matter. Later this name was changed.

YouTube's first video

Well you see many videos on YouTube but you know what was the first video of YouTube? Yes, YouTube's first video was founder, Jawad Karim, who uploaded a video of a zoo on April 23, 2005. The title of this video was 'Me at zoo'.

April Fool's Day

YouTube launched the flower ban on April 2008. And they are doing it successfully every year. In 2008, Rick Astley's music video on all YouTube videos was redirected to Given You Up. As a result, the video that the viewers click to visit, the video goes to YouTube's Rick song. The viewers accepted the scandal.

The Most Viewed Video

The most watched video seen on YouTube without music videos was Charlie Bit My Finger. In this 55 minute video, a funny moment has been shown of two brothers. The current view of this video is 862 million.

The song was the most viewed from the song, in the Gangnam Style video. Which was posted in 2012, and the video gets 1 billion viewers annually. Currently the viewer figure is about 1.8 billion.

YouTube Hit

In 2011, YouTube made a huge milestone of 1 trillion viewers. Which means that 1 out of 140 people living in the world see YouTube.

The most Disliked Video of YouTube

Surely you have the option of giving a liking to a YouTube video, as well as there are options for disassembly if the video does not look good. And the most dislike YouTube video ever so far is Justin Bieber's music video "Baby" This music video has so far received 440 million dislikes.

Youtube Business

YouTube partners with about 10 thousand advertising companies, which have channels like Disney, Turner, Univision. This partnership is increasing every year. There are currently million-billion partners who are giving YouTube money to show their promotional video.

All videos of YouTube

Thousands of videos are uploaded every second to YouTube. It would be astonishing to know that if you want to see all the videos on YouTube, you need take 1700 years.

The Americans are watch YouTube more

YouTube is born in the United States so 30% of traffic comes from YouTube. And 70% comes from the rest of the country. There are about 60 different languages ​​in YouTube.

YouTube is now a big search engine

Do you know YouTube is the biggest search engine now? Yes, you will be surprised that almost 90% of the internet users in the world are now searching YouTube on search without searching in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Superhero of youtube

So far, Batman is the Super Hero on YouTube because Batman's video has seen nearly 3 billion views on YouTube.

YouTube bans in 10 countries

It is true that YouTube has been banned in many countries. Among them, China in 2009 and Pakistan in 2012 banned by YouTube. This is because of the Innocence of Muslim clip video. Total 10 countries are banned by YouTube. These are Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Libya, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, North Korea, Iran and Pakistan.

Pc vs Mobile

Statistics show that 70% of YouTube viewers are watching the mobile and 30% of the PCs use YouTube videos to watch.

YouTube's popularity is increasing now. Its main reason is that many new creators are being created on YouTube. And these creators are basically leading YouTube. Hope you like this article about YouTube's unknown information. Found some new information. Share this information with friends.

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