"Fansmitter" Malware will steal your computer data without internet connection

Many of the people who have studied with security or hacking have probably heard the name of Key-Logger. In straightforward English speaking, Key-Logger is a malware, which allows us to record every keystroke and forward it to any other email address set in advance.

Other malware also usually transmits data through the Internet. So, the internet will not be able to steal data without the connection of the Fansmitter - that's usually what we do not think.
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But the truth is that a group of Israil researchers at Ben Gurion University has discovered a method that allows them to hijack data from airgap computers. Basically, in this case, they have invented a virus called FanSmauer. This virus is capable of sending data to the remote computer from a computer on the airgap.

Fansmitter will steal data without internet connection

Now the first question is, what do we mean by airgap? The computer in the airgap is a computer that disconnected from the internet or any other network.

Naturally, if I want to send my PC's data to another PC, my PC seems to be connected to any network or it seems to us. However, the Fansmitter can send data to specific specifications without connecting your PC to any other network.

What is the Fansmitter?

Now we need to know first, what is the fanmometer? Fansmitter is a Malware that can control the internal cooling fan of your desktop or laptop. Now, you might think, what is the relation between passing the data with controlling the fan. Let's see how the Fansmeter sends data to remote computers with controlling this fan.

How does the Fansmitter work?

Fansmitter data stealing
According to a report by MIT Technology Review, the phanosmitter virus can control the rotation speed of your PC's fan. All of us have a very basic knowledge of digital data. And that is, any type of computer data, from a very small bit of log file to a few GB videos, is primarily binary numbers. That is, the sum of 1 and 0.

Using this very basic knowledge, this Fansmitter will use this phenometer. The amount of data to pass, in which bits of 0, the fan rotation down to 0 in the Fansmitter. And the 1st rotation of the fan takes 3000 or more rotation per minute. This creates the variation in the sound of the internal cooling fan.

Now in the room where you have your PC, if you have a mobile or any other recording device that can be stored in the room, which allows the fan to retrieve the sound of this rotation and send the data to a remote remote. Only then, your computer data has been hijacked without connecting to an Internet Connection or LAN network.

So, keeping your computer in the LAN network or the Internet, there is no reason to think that your computer's data will remain safe. Fansmitter can send remote data to remote computers with controlling the little cooling fan without internet connection.

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