What is Artificial Intelligence? Future prospects and risks of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the biggest wonder word int the current world. When Sofia Robot arrived in Bangladesh, almost everyone had heard the name of Artificial Intelligence. Do you know how to make a mistake when you spell Google search, yet how does Google display the correct results? This is done but through this artificial intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence

Also, when you search something on Google after visiting a website, just add an ad to the website that you were looking for by searching. That means artificial intelligence of search engines are monitored by you, understanding your needs and providing services accordingly.

Think again of your mail. Every day, a lot of mail is stored in your inbox's spam folder, which is not a good job for you, but rather harmful. Through the mailing system artificial intelligence, you can easily understand which mail is useful for you, and harmful or smam.

Again, when you watch videos that are on YouTube, you will notice that whenever you enter YouTube, then you are justifying the exact video. Q: How is it possible? Answer: Through Artificial Intelligence.

There is a lot of research on this artificial intelligence. But still the world's famous scientist-technician says about artificial intelligence, its reaction will be the main stage of human development or the main reason for human destruction.

Artificial Intelligence: Future prospect and Risk

What will happen to our future of Artificial Intelligence reaction? Will we be better off in the near future or will we take ourselves to the door of destruction? To know, the whole article should be read, at the beginning of which we will try to understand what artificial intelligence is, what kind of artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI translation in Bangla is 'Artificial Intelligence'. Generally, computers or machines capable of doing human intelligence are called Artificial Intelligence. At present, computers or machines can work according to the command or direction of the people. Without the computer or machine itself can not do any work. In artificial intelligence, the computer or machine will be able to work, think or decide on its own.

What are the types of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has been divided into roughly three categories namely:
1. WIK AI (Narrow AI):
This intelligence can work only on specific topics. We are currently using this intelligence.
2. Artificial General Intelligence:
When machine or computerc an work like a human, it will be called Strong AI.
3. Singularity:
This is an intelligence that will also
exceed the capacities of the most gifted people.

History of Artificial Intelligence

Academically, twoy ears after the death of Turing, the main idea ofa artificial intelligence was introduced in the 50's ofp anic. The field of artificial intelligence that wek now was started in 1940. During the Second World War, the need for rapid technological advances to fight against the enemy. At this time, mathematicians Allan Turing and Neurologist Gray Walters gave an idea about intelligent machines and its various possibilities. Then computer scientist John McCarthy called the term artificial intelligence.
History of Artificial Intelligence

In the 1970s, the funding for the AI ​​project was drastically reduced and at the same time artificial intelligence had little development. But in the early 1980s, AI started collecting funds for commercial projects. AI was a small revolution in the 1990s. Many people in this field abandon the way of AI's
system and instead take the procedure conducted by Rodney Brooks. Minsk's method is pre-programming with a computer with algorithms that are powerful.

On the other hand, Brooks has suggested to create a neurology network that works like human brain cells. Even, people will learn new and new behaviors with time and experience. Although Brooks could not associate himself with it, he made it easier for the future of artificial intelligence.

The Importance of Artificial Intelligence:

The Importance of Artificial Intelligence

Currently, artificial intelligence is used in most of our daily activities. Looking at the chart above, I understand how much the importance of artificial intelligence for the present and the future. Using artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence, machines can be
aware of themselves, that means they can collect data from past errors. So repeat the same mistake and reduce intensity. Because the machines will be made with artificial intelligence and strong metal, they will be able to work harder and work hard to lift natural resources from the mine. By saving large data and arranging it in a rigid manner, it can also be easily done by
artificial intelligence. People have to pay wages to work, but the machine does not have to pay any wages to work. Also there is no specific time on
the machine, she can work hard all the time. As a result, artificial intelligence + machines will reduce product production costs as well as the cost of
production. And because of this many people think that in future people will not have to buy much more than money and some products will be free for the people. Artificial intelligence is
helping people in almost all cases and thus, it will grow in the future, as well as its importance.

Where and How artificial intelligence is used

To solve any problem, AI first collects the information given by the people. When new information comes later, new information shows the correct
information in conjunction with the information stored on the computer. Hopefully, I did not understand anything. Let us give an example. We
remember our early Bengali letters and kept them in our brain and later when we needed to make a sentence, we could easily spell it in conjunction with the letters in our brain. Artificial Intelligence works this way.

Almost all of the technologies we are using today are of artificial intelligence. When we play chess or laddoo on mobile, it is seen that robots are on
our side. This robot plays mainly through artificial intelligence. When we watch the cooking video on YouTube, but our suggestions side comes with
cooking videos, these works are done through artificial intelligence.

A global survey of Artificial

A global survey of Artificial

Intelligence's future prospects include Katja Grace, John Salvatier, Allan Dafoe, Baobao Zhang and Owain Evans
Artificial Intelligence. You will find this report on this Arxiv website. This report says that in the next 45 years, half of the work will be automated.
Even in the next 120 years, all the work will become automatic. And these automated tasks will be completed by artificial intelligence robot, machine or computer. Advancement of Artificial
Intelligence, communication, health, science, business, trade and military affairs will transform all management into modern life. It is also said in
this report that in the next 40 years, artificial intelligence will be behind people in the following work-language will drop behind people by 2024.
  • In the writing of the school, people will drop behind people by 2026.
  • The truck driver will be left behind by 2027.
  • In the case of retail purchase, it will leave behind by 2031.
  • The best selling book will become more advanced than the people in 2050 by writing.
  • Will be able to work as a surgeon by 2050.

Why can artificial intelligence be dangerous?

ai is dangerous

Britain's physicist Stephen Hawking said in a formal statement about the true AI: "The complete success of Artificial Intelligence will completely
destroy the human race." Many people may think that he said this to threaten people. In his speech, he repeatedly passed this warning again. He repeatedly warned that AI can pull down the human civilization, unless it can be properly controlled by humans. Because of the artificial intelligence driven automated automated weapons
or robots, there is a great threat to the people. This may be the latest war in human history or the latest events. Not only Stephen Hawking, AI, Elon Mask, Steve Wujaniyak and Bill Gates have
expressed great concern about science and technology.

Recently there has been concern among
technology experts about the killer robot. Killer robot can hit the enemy by identifying the enemy without any help from the people. Although no such weapon exists in the present. But it is
possible to create such weapons with the advancement of artificial intelligence. And as of now, the imperialists do not stop the weak from
being oppressed. So in the near future,
imperialists will not try to invent the killer robot, such a feeling is not like blowing up. Again there is no guarantee that this machine or robot will be
in our control or listen to us. Where we ourselves do not obey the words of our Creator. On the other hand, Apple's former CEO John Sculley said: "In many cases, work done by people will be
possible through automation. I do not have the answer. It is one of the more dangerous problems
of society." By its words, it is very easy to understand that the future job market will be completely controlled by the robot section. It may be the biggest threat to our humanity. Again it may be the greatest peace for our mankind. Because, we do not have to do any more work at this time.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Destroy Capitalism

In simple terms, in the production system, all the means of production is owned by the person and the maximum profit is known as capitalism. Capitalism is a money system where industrialists agree to do any hated things to sell their products. Even things like "imperialism", "colonialism", "fascism", "nazism" are derived from
this capitalism. Now the question is, can this artificial intelligence be able to suppress capitalism forever or vice versa will lead to further artificial intelligence?

Calum Chace noted in his book "Artificial Intelligence and the Two Singularities", "The mechanical skills of the human being were replaced with equipment and equipment during the previous industrial revolution. But this time it is replacing it with the creativity, conjecture and decision-making ability of our mental functions. Which has never happened before human history and no one knows what is going to happen in the future." He also said, "Many people think that since such incidents have not happened in the
past, so it will not happen in the future. But we have to understand that everything is different now." If you have an example, you can understand
the matter more easily. If a different factory is operated by robots or humans. The factory operated by a robot will cost much less to produce food. Because, the administrative staff,
operators, security and machinery will have to buy just once.

But in the man-operated factory, each has to be charged separately for each. As a result, its cost will be high. Again, people will want to buy low-cost products normally, which will make the robot factory more important. However, this will meet the demand of huge people's food and poor people can afford to buy food. Now the question
is, if everything goes under the robot, what will people do? If they do not have a job, then where will people get money to buy? Again, the state of
the machine can be comfortable for us ie we do not need to buy anything else. On the other hand, it may also happen in the future people will be guided by robotic labor force. These robots may
be managed in 1% higher range. In the end it may be seen again, the earth will be regulated by imperialists or vice versa.

The last word

Artificial Intelligence can be a big possibility for us. Again, the main reason for the destruction of our mankind can be. But both good or bad depending on the man. So now if we are not careful about artificial intelligence, then in the future, the power of artificial intelligence can face
the destruction of the entire world by the hand of terrorists or bad people.

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